1. [H/A] Finding RP on Outland

    Hi there folks, I'm a returning player on Warmane who's getting a fresh start on the Outland realm for some good old BC fun. While the game itself is always a blast, I'm really hoping to find some fellow RPers to hang with on the side! I've browsed the recent posts here on the forum and hope people are still kinda active, and I see the realm population is still quite high even during off hours.

    With that all said though, I'll be bouncing between both Horde and Alliance! I have a friend or two who will most likely be joining me and we'll be leveling together Horde side, so if you'd like to find me there or possibly tag along on our adventures, you can send a tell or mail to Renthial, a blood elf hunter. On the flip side though, whenever my crew isn't with me I'll be solo on the Alliance by the name of Reinault, a human warrior. I'm EST but my play time is a little sporadic, usually I'm most active late night after or around 11PM.

    All in all, though, I'm hoping to have some fun and make some friends along the way, so if you're interested at all, hit me up sometime, ciao!

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