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    5 druids TBC

    Hello as it says, im interested in any good info for both PVE and PVP on 5 druids.
    as for pvp i use 5 naked balance druids and it aint going that well, but i found some sweet things to do....
    Any advices for PVE tho dungeons seem pretty rought tho altho i got bear tank and 4 rejuvenations and 4 regrowths to back tank up...

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    I had 5 druids before I sold them but my advice would be to have your tank as the master with 4 balance druids. The hots are plenty for healing and you need your dps to be specced for spamming starfires with a chance to stun. Threat reduction talent for your dps is helpful also. I did Ramparts for practice then Blood Furnace. The most important part to getting is started is making sure your tank is geared. You need 415 def, 20k armor and tons of stamina. Some dodge helps as something to look for on gear after defense. Also, lifebloom is better because of the extra health bonus while also being lower mana cost. I would switch between mangle and swipe which will prevent your dps from getting aggro. I never used CC but one option is to use cyclone with a rotation macro. If you would like to check out some multiboxing tips then search for my channel(AriveAliveGaming) on YouTube.

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