1. <Republic of Kekistan> [A] Icecrown LF Starter-geared Raiders

    The [Republic of Kekistan] is seeking new citizens in an effort to build our core PVE raiding group. We already have a large and active social/PVP core, and are now looking to expand our ventures. I know you want to sit and read a looong forum post about as much as I want to write one, so let me be concise and to the point about our goals and requirements.

    Our goal:
    Short-term we will focus on running many raids of all item levels to establish who our reliable and enjoyable players are. Long-term we would like to tackle ICC25 nm/hc as a guild, starting with two ICC10 nm/hc groups in the weeks ahead.

    Our requirements:
    First and foremost, we are looking for quality players. We are not a bunch of elitists in any sense of the word, but we are looking for people with a willingness to learn and be a team player. You do not need achievements to join our raiding group.
    Gearscore: Starter gear minimum required for joining raids. Anything above 4k on a good player is completely fine with me. You should be enchanted and gemmed appropriately.
    Age: 18+ only. We are only looking for adult players. The average age range in the guild is 27-37 years old.

    We are in desperate need of Ranged DPS and Healers atm, but will take all specs. More specifically we have a major shortage of druids, shamans, mages, hunter, and locks. Please respond via in-game mail to Amaryn or here on the forum with your class and spec, and I will contact you in-game. We look forward to meeting new members! For Kekistan!!!

  2. Are you only accepting 80's? I'm working on leveling a hunter & resto druid but won't be ready to raid for a few weeks.

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