1. Lowering the minimum price for auction

    Hello, my suggestion is pretty simple- Can you consider lowering the minimum price for characters in auction? Now itīs impossible to sell it for the price that you consider as minimum.
    Thank you

  2. The character trade system works just fine, it just doesn't work the way you want it to work. If you do not manage to sell your characters then perhaps your offer is not worth the price, get some achievements, some rare mounts, in other words put some work into those characters. This coming from someone that sold like 6 characters, so selling a character is indeed possible.

  3. Depending on the character I guess. And no, I donīt really feel like spending weeks farming achievments, mounts and god knows what just to make the character I have no intention to play more attractive. Thatīs the idea of a free market- You can sell something for a cheaper price if it has limited value. Here you canīt .Now there are tons of characters that could be used ingame that are just sitting in auction due to this policy. Quite honestly, forcing players to sell it for a certain amount is a little off. I understand you want to prevent ppl from transfering characters free of charge, which youīre fully entitled to, but the current coin/realm situation should be reflected too.

  4. This isn't free market, though. It's an option we provide, under our conditions, using our own Marketplace costs as base. If you want to sell a character that has a thousand worth of coins in items if those items were to be individually purchased in our Marketplace, that's about what the minimum price for that character will be (a bit less than getting all the items).

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