1. pointa /coins

    if not points for coins then put decent weapons,armor,for points....just a lot more...like 550 gear 550.or 1000 points...why even bother with the points system...if theres no return?

  2. and note 365 points = one year...so that's dedication..right there .....so make it worth while!

  3. The gear what you get for points is a joke. They should actually do something about that....oh, but wait, what about the money??? Warmein?
    The point system is there to make players who have played for quite some time get some rewards which won't affect other player's experience.

    and note 365 points = one year...so that's dedication..right there .....so make it worth while!
    Actually the highest points possible is 1.2 points *365 days =438 points.

  4. I play on Warmane for 5 months and still don't know what Points are for xDD
    It says "there are no items in Store for points" in my account.

  5. I'm just saying...make it worth while...or just remove them...I would say there good for faction change...but I made a ally or horde for a reason.why would I want to change em....or even a char reboot...say I have a hunter...tired of playing him so I change him to a warlock and keep lvl/inventory with points......Points just seem useless to me really..i sure don't want any OLD junk gear..if I did I would take my lvl 90 threw a dungon and get it myself? makes no sense to have points...I know there is a reboot for points...but like everything on warmane it don't work!..and I don't see how its going to degrade a players wow exp. if they played b4 then they already have a advantage over new players.......so put good stuff in store to purchase with points or remove them.hense there basically useless....and as far as server maintaince purchases with coins...ppl will still buy coins.cause they wont want to wait a year for a piece of gear. and make the new years cupons useable with points.....I have hundreds of points with no use for them....and no coins to use with cupons....so not only are points useless to me but the cupons are too :p..wont be long this game will be useless to me then you just lost a member/player/potiental donator

  6. New Year's bonus Coupons were also useable for Points, used them already. Also Points are not useless, they get used from many Players includes myself too to gear some Twinks. Beside BH Weapon and some other stuff wich i take ingame. Its really fast to obtain decent gear even ingame (if you play without a guild, then ofc it takes ages).

    The Players like you, just want a NPC in the Citys to talk with and get full BIS Gear. Sorry for this but that is true.

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