1. Outland 30-39 BGs

    Howdy forums,

    New thread needed for our guide, I was having complications with our old thread disappearing for moderator approval due to the amount of private website links. It will now permanently be found in the second post of our new thread (the one you're in now).

    Cross-faction Discord https://discord.gg/T4ajfGW

    Alliance 39s on Outland:
    Guild: <THIRTYFINE>
    Guild created: 12-21-17 98 players, 85 accounts
    1 month, 10 days old with 80 level 39 twinks
    Armory: http://armory.warmane.com/guild/THIRTYFINE/Outland

    Horde 39s on Outland
    Guild: <THIRTYNINE>
    Guild created: 10-29-17 292 players, 225 accounts
    3 months, 14 days old with 207 level 39 twinks
    Armory: http://armory.warmane.com/guild/THIRTYNINE/Outland
    Edited: February 1, 2018 Reason: First post will be updated often for recruitment

  2. Mage, warlock, priest
    Spoiler: Show

    Rogue, hunter, shaman, druid (agility)
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  3. Nice guides, helps gear alot easyer

  4. Hey, you should add http://tbc.cavernoftime.com/item=7721 as an easily obtained, top dmg MH weapon.

  5. Hi guys, i want to build a twink bunt i'm not really sure which class (mage, druid) any suggestions, pluses minuses of those classes?

  6. Wouldn't waste your gold, The OP here killed the bracket with his ego. Dabdog bracket killer

  7. How to stop exp gain, can't find Behsten (war room)

  8. There is a new alliance guild <Stranglethorn Bouncer> with cool people who for most part didn't experience the dabdog bs. They are having arena and world pvp events so that's something. Theres a lot on horde still probley so if the word gets out to those that still log on from time to time, and people join the new ally guild. who knows maybe.

  9. Can someone detail to me what exactly Dabdog did to ruin the bracket? I'm gonna go grab some popcorn while you respond.

    Additionally, I am making a 39 twink rogue alliance side. /friend me Cliffogene. My cousin is making a twink priest. /friend him Heapingbowl. Let's at least get some arena skirms going.

  10. June 4, 2018  
    hey boys me and a few of my mates are looking for a active 39 bracket if you can pm me with the info thanks xoox

  11. Twink at lvl 30,40 & 50. Since actual BG brackets are non existent these levels are way more fun for wpvp. You open your self up to new skills and gear while still maintaining the feel of a typical twink and you catch actual twinks off guard who think they are getting an easy kill lol

  12. How about 60-69...are bgs nonexistent in that bracket as well?

  13. I've been roaming the 40-58 questing areas on my Level 40 Horde Rogue Andluis for a bit now. Ton of world PvP fun. Brackets have long died off but since I'm level 40 I don't care about that nonsense anyway.

    If free xfer opens up I'm going to make the jump over to Alliance so I can grab up their BiS Main Hand and Gloves for level 40 (Alliance only quests womp womp). But if anyone else is active in my level range, add me and we can hunt together until then!

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