1. Post your fastest leveling time here

    1 day 11 hours 17 minutes 30 seconds played time on a Paladin.

    Questing was done the whole way. I'm not very good at leveling efficiently on this realm, so there are very likely ones better than mine. Was told dungeon boosting via multiboxing or getting a friend to help you is much faster, but have yet to try it.

    Never saw a thread on fastest leveling times, so I figured I'd like to see other players' time spent leveling.
    Edited: January 16, 2018

  2. 1 Minute 37 seconds.

    Swipes card, buys instant 80. logs in. BOOM!

  3. Around 1,5hrs time spend on AH over multiple days, sell that gold and buy instant level. Counts.

  4. arround 11 hours. draenei elemental shaman.

  5. Probably the dk I leveled, because 60 to 80 is not that hard, the other toons were leveled slowly because I was (and am) noob. Then there is my hpala which i leveled from level 1 as hpala and it was soo much more fun, took me like one day, with proffessions aswell. Dungeons help a lot when you are heal/tank and just take the dungeons quests.

  6. Less than 1 day, destruction warlock with heirlooms

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