1. <Honestly who cares> H NA

    hey everyone my names huge****** and im an officer and founder of <honestly who cares> a guild that raids on icecrown. we are recruiting people who are interested in a community of interesting people, we do icc 10/25 with 3 groups of different people downing 10 nm lk we are looking to make a 25 man team. not geared enough for icc? no worry as we run heroics and other raids too!. are you not level 80 yet? not a problem join us and were happy to help people. if you have any questions you can check out our website at https://honestlywhocares.enjin.com or whisper someone in game an officer is usually online.

  2. Hey, I'm a new-ish player to private servers but an experienced raider on live. Are you still looking to recruit?

    IGN is agucciblunt :^)

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