1. Cross realm BG's is also great. BG's vs the noobs on Icecrown is far better than zero BG's that pop at my level right now! Remember kids, someone that bought a load of gear still doesn't make them a good player. I beat players many levels above me because class knowledge.

    Tyrisflare spoke like a true fighter. Guys, almost half the population on Icecrown doesn't even have a premium membership, but to speak about bought gear goes below that. The imbalance is there already but it isn't as big as you think it is. You on Icecrown have to deal with Shadowmourne all the time all around and it ain't no big deal ANYMORE, it makes you only stronger and better. Ofc the gear shop is irritating af but not that much. I used to reck Shadowmourne(not BiS but decent geared ofc) wearers back when i was like 5,3 on Icecrown, now with 5,8k GS I'm mopping the floor with many BiS players. It's just as it always was in WoW(except the recent new troll expansions; WoD and Legion), skill beats gear most the time and Lordaeron and ofc the Blackrock Players are way more skilled than those Icecrown kids. The Cross-Realm PvP will bring us only good, bigger PvP as well as more PvP, more competition, more challenge, more fun, more activity.... There is no fun when there is no competition nor challenge.

    Now about the RDF feature. I totally agree with Jibak's suggestion to disable/remove the "teleporting" feature AT LEAST if they're really planing to implement the RDF in Lordaeron. That will keep the journey and the WPvP alive very well.

  2. "Dungeon Finder is intentionally disabled on Lordaeron. This is a design feature of the realm as we invite players to form groups, travel to instances making Lordaeron a memorable adventure for everyone."

    It really irks me that the dev team has no problem axing one of the main, published, and advertised "design features" of the realm.
    Now look, I'm not gonna go on a crusade with pitchforks and trash talk and stuff, but this really kinda is a bum move for all the people who CAME to Lordaeron for the sole reason that RDF was disabled. Again, this was one of its main selling points, and now its getting taken away.

    I have 2 toons on Icecrown, a lock with a 5159 GS and a pally at 4623. Certainly not scores that are going to win me any awards, but you can see the level of time invested into them to acquire those numbers. I have little to no interest playing them because I haven't come across any guilds / players that would accept them / me. No, I'm not a rude a-hole or anything, but my time zone {and native language} apparently clash with the majority of Icecrown.

    That is not an issue on Lordaeron.
    Making groups for quests, meeting people out in the world, staying at a relatively even level with them over the weeks allowed me to forge friendships with many people and nestle in with several guilds. This is what Lordaeron was INTENDED to do with the omission of the RDF, and I know I am not the only one this benefited.

    Now look, with RDF, is all of that going to go away? I have no idea. I'm luckily in a place where I play with good chill people in some nice guilds, but I can't say that new players down the road will have that same fate.

    I fear it will be spam dungeons using RDF, stand in major cities, DPS yells "GO GO GO" to the tanks, all players who are not up to par of the elitists will be "crappy noobs" and we will see the downward spiral of subs and players just like retail WoW did all those years ago.

    History does tend to repeat itself.
    With a sad face,
    If they do this,they will lose the population of the realm and finally lose the realm itself.

  3. If they do this,they will lose the population of the realm and finally lose the realm itself.
    maybe thats true but the addition of RDF is what is attracting me to Lordaeron

  4. A BIG YES YES and an enormous NO NO to these ideas, oh my lord, please do not let the shadowmourne nightmare come back... i do not want to see 11 paladins in an AV and KNOW that most of them have shadowmourne... icecrown's pvp is a complete joke in most cases... i will not let lordaeron's pvp to be the same. Dungeon finder and heirlooms are nice tho

  5. #1 "LFM dps [Proof of demise: douchebag"
    #2 "choose me, I'm a dps :)"

    How in the f%+*ING world this ain't random?

  6. #1 "LFM dps [Proof of demise: douchebag"
    #2 "choose me, I'm a dps :)"

    How in the f%+*ING world this ain't random?
    I guess this is their conversation that will be ruined if they add RDF, about ppl that waiting in city`s ( they are doing conversation one with each other lol ) for rdf to spam.... i don`t know how many do this, because i like to lvl doing quests, and rdf when available just because i don`t like to waste my online time.
    RDF will increase server population, this will solve all your problems, this is why i m playing Wotlk and not Vanilla.

  7. as far i know Blackrock dosent have 272 Gear
    Lord dosent have Ruby Sanctum Gear
    Icecrown has all
    so crossrealm PVP ( BGs/Arena ) would be a little unbalanced no ???

  8. Absolutely loving the arrival of Dungeon Finder on Lordaeron, have been expecting this for ages, thank you <3

  9. Changes that will go in effect:

    Dungeon Finder enabled
    Heirlooms available in vendors

    I love u guys! it is really hard to find a dungeon in Lordaeron ,and because of that they AFK!
    Now I can call the back now !

  10. So sweet. Many people will love it.
    Thank you.

  11. I approve of RDF and heirlooms. I think the teleportation feature should be disabled as well, so I agree there.

    I do support the concept of crossing PvP instances for all realms, and I agree with what IamSuLo said (first post page 11), though I believe the gear-shop items available to Icecrown players would most likely discourage players new to the instances/the Lordaeron realm.

    RDF: yes
    Heirlooms: yes
    Cross-realm PvP: yes, but I believe more discussion is needed

  12. Blackrock players VS Lordaeron/Icecrown? lol rip

  13. In my Opinion its useless to bring Dungeon finder, we all can comunicate on a normal way. Dont need this ...
    Mix the PVP Realms? The good thing would be that we dont have to wait like 20 Minutes for an Invite, but comon, the most Players in our Battlegrounds got s6 / s7 Gear - why mix this with BIS PVP/PVE Characters from Icecrown. No sense in my Eyes.

  14. Lordaeron seems fine with heirlooms and RDF being enabled as it was always meant to keep a progressive vibe to it, but 'crossrealm' pvp? That's gonna be one hell of a mess for balance when you'll encounter healers with donated Val'Anyr and plates with Shadowmournes jumping out of their starter mounts to stupidly backpedal while using all of their cooldowns to kill a 14k hp fresh 80.

    And let us not forget about Ruby Sanctum.

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