1. Is cross-realm auction house possible?
    And how would it affect both realms, seeing how they have different gold rates?

  2. Maybe the RDF needs just some adjustment to fit with the realm.
    For example RDF could be used only with a full party so ppl will still have to communicate and form a party, RDF will just drop the party in a random or selected dungeon.
    Also ppl who don't want to level up using RDF could be asked, with a quest for example at level 1, if they want to level without rdf. This quest could give a reward (like amount or thing like this) when they hit level 80 so maybe some players will be interested by this. And hitting 80 this ppl will be free to use or not RDF.

  3. rdf

    i want to Dungeon Finder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Are thye heirlooms gonna be able in the shop for those who dont have 80's ?

  5. Will you ever open Ruby Sanctum on Lordaeron?

  6. Will you ever open Ruby Sanctum on Lordaeron?
    Good question, why would we fight against RS HC trinkets when we don't even have a chance for a normal ones.

  7. If u crossrealm ICC and Lord for pvp , pvp in Lord will die bcus of donors

  8. PvP in Lordaeron already dead .. barely any 2s and long queue for battlegrounds .. wintergrasp is good tho, but doubt they will crossrealm wintergrasp lol.

  9. Do you know that will have donators on the both sides right?

  10. Do you know that will have donators on the both sides right?
    So what, who has more platers wins? -.-

  11. So what, who has more platers wins? -.-
    Or whoever has the most afkers or half-naked players loses? That is already the case.

  12. Yes for cross-realm BG, it doesn't pop so much in Lordearon and if it pops, its always Warsong Gulch, forget about Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest and Arathi Basin. Yesterday, I was online for 3 hours straight and BG popped only 1 time ( WSG). Cross-realm BG needs to implemented. PVP is dead in Lordaeron.

    I've 3kgs character in Icecrown and I easily get one-shot in bgs, but in 1 day I managed to get a lot of honor points and I bought furious shoulders and relentless cloak. BG pops all the time in Icecrown, same thing needs to happen to Lordaeron, that's why cross-realm bg is important.

  13. lol what? As an icecrown and lordaeron player who the heck decided this? where was poll for lordaeron players? I don't want to play against shmournes on my lordaeron character and I have a shmourne lol, this would be absurdly unbalanced especially blackrock essentially getting free bis pvp gear and gems/enchants.

  14. And RS will come out.....?
    Once Lordaerons Guilds are ready for it? Most of it cant even get a solid 10/25 to LK

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