1. Thats why u advertise poll in-game and it give it time

  2. Me too; cross realm arenas would be great and could make 3s and 5s more viable.
    lol, just lol

  3. I think making 3v3 and bgs crossrealm would be enough as 3's on lord is dead anyways. This would also allow you to gear up from 2v2 without simply hitting the gs wall.
    Having Lord 2v2 teams play with icc teams will most likely kill any arena scene on lord. At the end of the day you can outplay 24/7 but when you get 3 hit its
    simply no use.

  4. Tbh i should just suggest matching icc content to lord.Pop will increase severly.My estimate around 2-4k.Bgs should be implemented but arenas will be stomping grounds.Most people on lord has sh... compared to icc.

  5. I see it like this:
    BGs: noone will be farmed from IC ppl cause donors will be on both sides, so strategy will win, not gear. BGs are not 1 vs 1.
    RDF and Heilrooms: cant see way to hurt realm. im 100% shure noone will leave cause that, realm pop will increase. I imagine PVP infront SWind gates.
    -and if u dont like that features u have no alternative cause warmane ist strongest server (tested another when warmane waz down days ago, its disaster, 1000k ppl pop)

    Just lean back and enjoy.

  6. Heirlooms are a good idea ONLY if one has a maxxed out char and wants to level another character from scratch however there are a lot of great quests that will be skipped simply because nobody will take the time to do them, what's the point of gathering stuff or doing an escort quest if you get a piece of equipment that is on par with the heirloom piece. You will only make people lazier then they already are. Enabling dungeon finder? Doesn't that contradict the very purpose of the realm itself? Don't you think if people wanted DF and heirlooms they would have went on Icecrown directly? Think about it this way: Heirlooms and Dungeon Finder have gotten WoW into the crappy state that is today, that's why everybody is looking forward to the Battle for Azeroth expac because the ones that have tested it said it comes close to the Wrath of the Lich King leveling experience. Even if somebody won't want to use Dungeon Finder he will probably be alone cause everybody else will choose the faster and stupider route...queue --> get dungeon --> press yes --> teleport la dungeon . This will be a sad move and will have a negative effect on the overall gaming experience.

  7. Warmane we love you! :D
    Very happy with RDF and Heirloom changes... not sure how I feel about cross realm arena and RBG... sure it will boost the queue time but all the mourners Icecrown have..... I don't think its gonna be fair for us ppl from Lorderon :/

  8. Implement cross realm Arena but scale highend PvE items down when entering the arena.
    Smourne becomes shadows edge and ICC/RS 25 HC items turn in their normal version.

    PvP is more balanced without highend PvE gear. Thats the reason why its not available on Blackrock.

  9. Cross-realm pvp will be a terrible idea for Lordaeron. As there are a lot of payed items on the other realms, putting Lordaeron and those 2 in the same bucket will mean a massacre for the Lordaeron players, killing the pvp entirely.

    What I can suggest is cross-faction pvp (mercenary mode) OR cross-faction rdf?

  10. Dungeon Finder killed the community in retail, the reason I came to Warmane Lordaeron just a month ago was because of the lack of Dungeon Finder, making it possible to have a more tight PvE/PvP community, please don't turn this game into World of Queues with everyone sitting down on their cheeks waiting for queues to pop.

  11. @Proterean...if crossrealm bg happens, can u guys consider making transfers available from Icecrown to Lordaeron ( not 80 chars, but those in a lvl range of 20 to 79) in exchange for coins? or even better points?

  12. Same, I used to play on Lordaeron since I started playing on Molten.

  13. GREAT NEWS Warmane, its time for me to come back.

    About CROSSREALM PVP i can propose to open another blizzlike realm like Lordaeron, put them both in one BLIZZLIKE BATTLEGROUP with crossrealm PVP feature. Then put Icecrown and Blackrock fun realms in another FUN BATTLEGROUP and people concerns will be destroyed. In future new realms could be opened if you notice demand in fun or blizzlike battlegroups.

    Anyway crossrealm will help alot for low level BGs, end-game BGs, 3v3 and 5v5. Everything is about your skill and i think its good idea to implement it even if we have to fight against Icecrown or Blackrock. Its better to have a chance to experience all aspects of PVP instead to have nothing.

    Thanks for the efforts.
    Best Regards.

  14. cross realm ?! very good idea ! It will be very good if u make dungeons more harder becouse most of them u dont need tank to complete it....

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