1. I'm curious. I understand that PVE cross-realm might not make sense because you don't want super geared icecrown players boosting lordaeron players and PVE on lordaeron is harder (for raids atleast, idk about dungeons?), but in the same sense, Lordaeron players will be at a disavantage in PVP due to store on icecrown and server longevity. I think making cross-realm PVE RDF for lower levels and even 80's just for RDF / RDF HC would be cool and speed up queues for everyone.

    Maybe not make raids cross-realm, but, RDF/RDF HC cross-realm could be interesting, especially for lower levels on both servers. I wonder if there's any discussion on this?

    I think these changes are all good and gave time for people to enjoy the old-school play, but now the server has been out long enough and population isn't quite strong to where these changes are good.

    I like the cross-realm PVP even though lordaeron may be at a disadvantage, so is every newer player on icecrown too, and even though they can catch up faster or donate, people choose to play on lordaeron and they have just as large a gap to close with lower rates on their own server so myswell just combine them all for population sake.
    Low level RDF doesn't work because the Exp rate is to different. Cross-Realm BG could work tho. Because you are being paired randomly with Icecrown players vs other Lordaeron and Icecrown players.

  2. I agree...all arenas would be only retri pala and fury wars with blood dks.

  3. Arenas should not be touched. Unless you can invite people from cross-realm into your team. It wouldn't be fair for Lordaeron players to get matched with BiS players.

  4. Low level RDF doesn't work because the Exp rate is to different. Cross-Realm BG could work tho. Because you are being paired randomly with Icecrown players vs other Lordaeron and Icecrown players.
    Ah yeah, I totally forgot about the exp rate differences which could have a huge impact on the low low level dungeons.

  5. These new changes where the original reason I went Ice versus Lord. I think I might be switching over soon.

  6. I really hope you guys don't make RDF cross-realm also. Reason people like times 1 server is to avoid noobs that just reached 80 that doesn't know how to play their class.

  7. Arenas with Blackrock guys? Really?

  8. Why are people talking about cross-realm RDF/PvE? All the post said was potential cross-realm BG/arena.

  9. Making people from Lordaeron get cross realm people from other WOTLK realms in their team would make no sense and lead to a lot of abuse in the meaning of: Woulnd't people from Icecrown queue with both their Icecrown and Lordaeron chars, wait for both of them to pop into the same BG and in the same team, and trade their Gold, Primordial Saronites, Epic items etc. which have much larger drop rate and ability of being farmed than Lordaeron. The system would be abused to hell, because there are a lot of people who would find loopholes like these. Don't even get me started if cross-realm RDF gets enabled.

  10. **** YES i've wanted this since the first day i made my character, only reason why im going back to that realm much love

    • Dungeon Finder enabled
    That was the only reason i play Icecrown instead of Lordaeron.

  11. Please help me understand how this decision was made. I'm guessing there was a poll somewhere on this forum that led to the mods believing that this change was requested. This leads me to two questions though:

    1. Who was able to vote in this kind of poll? Shouldn't it be first and farmost about the people that actually play actively on this server?
    - How would a poll look like that would ask if Icecrown should get their Gear for coins disabled and Lordaeron beeing the server with the higher pop / more votes in a poll, tempted to try x8?

    2. How come, when a decission that changes the rules/workings of a realm is up for a poll, it does not get global reminder in game?
    I know plenty of people that do not check the forums regularly, they either don't know what to discuss here, or simply do not have the time.

    To understand my concerns towards the charm that makes Lordaeron what it is, ask yourself this:
    How much of the fun in leveling a character is the incentive/difficulty to obtain new gear through quests, dungeons or even crafting it yourself. A huge chunk of that will not be necessary any longer if your heirloom gearslots keep your stats up to par. But maybe I just speak for myself when I say that getting that next awesome blue weapon which will stay with me for the next 6 lvl is kind of what makes x1 especially gratifying.

    But what really bugs me is with enabling the rdf you are getting rid of the way we have been communicating. Before we even got to a dungeon and during our battles to the endboss.
    I make a lot of groups, be it lowlevel dungeon, endgame daily or raids.
    And I get to at least exchange a few words before I invite someone, can decide if I want the fourth paladin in my group or even exclude somebody who manages to act like a dick in the first response I get from him.
    Especially while leveling a new char I made most of my ingame friends by conversations that start while we are on our way to the summoning stone, ofc during the dungeon or even after.

    Now why would that change? I am totally overexaggerating, right?
    Well maybe I just remember what happened when the RDF was introduced in retail. Why would you show good behaviour when you can always leave and find a new group in a heartbeat? Why have a friendly chat, or care about teamplay or letting the tank do his thing properly when you only want to get this over with, check out with some loot and your rdf goodiebag (idk if they enable that aswell).
    This surely seems a LOT like overexaggeration. But this was exactly what happened in retail. It ended up making every dungeon a RACE to the end.

    Maybe I'm just beeing too nostalgic about this, maybe I just got to love Lordaeron as it is now, and am afraid of change?
    Anyway, I just hope people keep on beeing the Community that they are now - Getting me to make friends and meeting new ppl all over the place while leveling instead of dungeon rushing a new twink to 80.

    Sorry if I'm sounding a bit dramatic - this way of connecting just makes the biggest part of the game for me.

  12. this would be a very unequal competition in Lordaeron not using real money to buy things, but in Icecrown they are full crash and more than anything in aera ._. It would be an easy victory for those on the Icecrown server.
    Yes everyone in icecrown is 100% full donated wrathfull with sm. all dogs. 0% work in 3 years. noboddy farmed. rly?

  13. Who the hell asked for heirlooms?

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