1. WTS 5 Slot Guild Bank and eveyrthing in it.

    I got a Guild bank that is full of Herbs/Ore/Cloth/BOE's everything. I can create an inventory (will add pictures in comments when I get some time). I am just looking for a quick sell as I have started on the outland server.

    This is On the alliance server. I also have a level 80 Paladin with BiS Healing weapon and trinket. I also have 4 36 slot bags on this character as well.

    Also selling a level 80 mage as well.


    Send Pulze an in game mail or comment below if interested.


    Here is a link to the contents.

    Edited: January 18, 2018

  2. Please send Qaitain a pm with your expectations of cost?

    Thank you

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