1. 1 Day Ago  
    everyone i meet from this guild in dungeons and raids is an elitist jerk. basicaly, gs and achievement whoring at its finest.

    it might be one of the best lod farming guilds around but it it sure is full of some trash ppl.
    And you might be one of the saltiest people around

  2. 1 Day Ago  
    This is kinda amusing tbh. Ppl hating on the forums bcs they ain't us? Idk what "elitist jerk" means in terms of a game. Your comment about gs and achie whoring is at the very least laughable, just like you are. And tbh I don't see any reason for someone to comment something like this on forums other than being butthurt for some reason.
    All I can say is that ppl like you truly are puny little morons. :-)
    GL with your "non-trash & elitists who don't give a **** about achieving anything".

  3. 1 Day Ago  
    Rozie gay go make love with superhero and froms making a video of it
    Edited: 1 Day Ago Reason: Gay

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    LoD 3d group of the week (13.07.2018)

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