1. Not sure where to go/what to do

    Hi all. My druid is my main and so far i've been resto since hitting 80. I did some rdf normal and then got lucky in my first FOS/POS run and got a TON of upgrades. I grinded out a few reputions to exhalted and am now at 4k GS. I spent some gold on the AH and got a tanking set of gear up to 3.8K GS.

    So my question now is, what do I do and/or where to I go?

    Should i be farming HC's for more gear? Perhaps something else specifically? I'm fairly new to the whole WotLK thing. I've seen ICC 10/25, TOC, etc., but not sure what can get into. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Oh, also, if there are any questines for gear specifically or questlines to get attuned or ready for a raid or instance, i'd like to know that as well. Thank you!

  2. I am a multiboxer so I kinda play solo and mostly pvp so idk what is best but I would:

    Check if WG gear is upgrades, shoulders are ilvl 251 and there are some 245 and 232 items but ofcourse lacking pve stats because of resilience taking spot of 1 stat and more weighted to stamina, but could still be some upgrades.
    Also can easily get some honor from doing wg + wg quests, maybe some upgrades in the honor items (264 ilvl items).

    Keep doing FoS/PoS until at least having those items in every slot.

    Join ICC rep farm to get ilvl 277 ashen band ring.

    Do sons of hodir rep if you haven't (shoulder enchant).

    Then try to find groups for voa and icc.

    If you are a donor you can also start getting gold and sell it in trade section to other players. The €10 donation = skip queue so most would do that on icecrown and then if you sell ~14k gold for coins on top of that I think you should be able to get a BiS weapon.

  3. that's the wonderful thing about WOTLK theres a million directions to go if you are trying to gear.

    If I were you, id be working on getting into any raid that would provide upgrades. no matter what you wanna be saving emblems and running dungeons, doesn't take long. may seem like it does, but it does not. keep at it and ill see you in ICC soon.

  4. Thx! I might look into WG for my tanking upgrades since STA is important. I think I have everything from FoS/PoS on the Resto side, but maybe not the feral side. Already exhalted with SoH, KT, Wyrm, and now workin on ArgCrus for the defense items (feral).

    I already donated, so I'm starting and have reached the 1k acheivements requirement. I have 13 coins and am accumlating points as we speak.

    As for ICC, I see in Global chat tons of ICC groups, but most are looking for 5.7K GS or higher. Is "ICC rep farm" something different? Will the person specifically say that? Sorry for the questions.

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