1. Server closure announce

    Hi folks,

    Every few days i can see in Medivh global chat questions like "what happened".

    What about adding announce about closure and link to post for more info?

    Thank you,

  2. while i see this being useful, as to more people will know, but honestly, you shouldnt worry about them, there will always be those players who know nothing about things as they dont bother checking warmane forums or dont even understand english.

    i am sure they will have the transfere feature available after realm is closed, so they will have the oportunity to transfere their characters then.
    so again, dont worry about leftovers :P

  3. Is Medivh being shut down because of low population? will we be forced to at the x5 rate Outlands is set to or can we still play at x1?

  4. yes, it is being shut down because of low population.

    You are able to move your character to Outland realm ( if you want)
    Yes, on Outland realm exp rate is x5 but everything else is x1 like on Medivh ( and there is a Coin shop)

  5. Do backpack (bag) items and professions get transfered also?

  6. Yes they do - I transferred a couple of characters over, although I rarely login, I didn't want to lose the time I'd put in to them.

    Everything went over - I did empty the mailbox on each account first - and had no auctions. The only thing I lost were some keybinds that were bound to macros, but they were easy enough to put back.

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