1. True PVP [A] Guild


    Is there anyone whos really active, PVP oriented, well geared, adult and whos spending most of the time on BGs?

    If there is, please create a PVP oriented guild with serious name and serious intention. There are zero reliable and stable PVP guilds on the ally side. This server is about to (I bet 6+ months) bloom and I know that there are many decent PVP otiented players every day on BGs that would love to be a part of something serious and wear that guild name with pride.

    I would create it myself, but I am not active enough to be GM, since Im playing an hour or two daily total.

    Much appreciated.

  2. So if i understood correctly you want someone else to do all the work and you just want to reap the benefits, because of what? You being tired of losing battlegrounds all the time ? If that is true then you should join one of those "unreliable and unstable pvp guilds" since you don't deserve to be in the kind of guild you're describing. Anyhow that's just my opinion and about the realm blooming you can forget about that, it's highly unlikely that it will happen.

  3. Too bad you dont understand anything.
    Edited: January 28, 2018

  4. Found it finally.


    :) can close.

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