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    - Serbian Knights -

    Your home is here
    Guild <Serbian Knights> was founded in July, 2011. on server Lordaeron - Old Molten. At the beginning we were social guild, and through the years we have become Heroic End Game Guild. We are Balkan speaking guild, and all players from Balkan peninsula are invited. So former Yug players and all other Balkan players, with knowledge of common language are most welcome. Of course there are some requirements to join our community, but let we tell you more about us first.
    Since we are founded in 2011, we are the oldest active guild on server, which has never been broken or dismissed. We were on Lordaeron x 1 2011 to 2015 until well known Molten crash happened. In that time period all possible End Game encounters are cleared, and huge PvP reputation is achieved. Many real life friendships were created, many real life happenings are organized as well, as you can see on our FB pages Serbian Knights.After one and half year of absence, in the summer 2016, we were back on Molten, now known as Warmane and our companionship still lasts. Now, lets go back in to the present and see what we can provide , and make you to choose <Serbian Knights> as your home.

    **Guild will provide you end game experience in all WotLK contest. That include not only End Game ICC and RS progress, but full achievements and title runs such as Ulduar, Naxxramass and many others. We will not forget Vanila and TBC expirience as well.
    **We want to provide opportunity for all decent members to reach Veteran status through PvE PvP encounters and social activities, and take benefits from that, such as huge Bank discount up to 50 % for highest rank and even Guild Recruitment options for Veterans.
    **Experienced officers are available for any kind help or advice. Be free to ask everything what you need. If you are Achievement lover some of our players are in top 10 all time with 11k and more, so they have much knowledge to offer you.
    **We do lot of battlegrounds premades, arenas, even organized World PvP encounters, holiday happenings and more.
    **Spend you time with us on Raid Call 24/7 with friendly and funny people. Share your experience with us, and we will help you with progress.
    **Our Raid Call id is 13866155 and you are always welcome!

    - Raid Progression -

    ** Icecrown Citadel 25 Normal Complete
    **Icecrown Citadel 10 Normal Complete
    **Icecrown Citadel 10 Heroic Complete
    **Icecrown Citadel 25 Heroic 11/12
    **Ruby Sanctum 10 Heroic Complete
    **Ruby Sanctum 25 Normal Complete
    ** Ruby Sanctum 25 Heroic 36 %
    ** Tribute to Insanity (TOGC 50/50) Complete
    ** Ulduar 25 Heroic +10 Heroic Complete + Champion and Conqueror Titles
    ** Glory of the Icecrown Title + Mount Complete
    ** Astral Walker and Star Caller titles Complete
    ** Immortal title Runs, Undying title Complete
    ** Herald Title farm Complete

    - Raid Schedule -

    Wednesday: ICC 25 HC Main Run
    Thursday: ToC 25 HC + RS 25 + ICC 10 HC (Bane run)
    Friday: ICC 25 HC Alt Run
    Saturday: Day Free (Some 10 man raid always possible or PvP premade)
    Sunday: ICC 25 HC Main Rerun (LoD progress)
    Monday: Ulduar/Naxx 25 + ICC 10 HC (Bane run)
    Tuesday: Ulduar/Naxx 25 + Some Vanila and TBC Achievement and X mog runs

    Raid time of 25 man raids is always 19h server time (20h local)

    - What do we need? -

    **We are always in need of good players and decent people, so we can accept every good player, but class that we need most are: Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid, Shadow Priests, and good tanks with knowledge of end game (LoD) encounter.
    **Serbian Knights is guild for all players, our members are people for 18-60 years old. You need to have polite attitude, and show respect when you talk with older players no matter of gear score or riding skill. 95% of members are people with everyday jobs, and many of them are mothers are fathers. Most of us are online after work, so we would like to have new members who can be little bit more online, at least on progress runs (Only LoD left).

    - How to join? -

    ** Anytime when you want you can /w guild officers for more info, or to introduce yourself with your ingame attributes. You must have basic knowledge of WotLK expansion raids, knowledge of encounters, on at least, full normal mode.You should have decent starting gear (T10), gemed and enchanted.
    ** In our guild gear score is not everything and we look at you as person not as toon character, so if you are new on this server, you still have a chance to join. Apply to our Raid Call id 13866155 you will have short conversation with one of the officers, and if our interests match, you will be invited.

    List of players which you can contact for info or eventually invite:

    ** Ludaduda (our beloved GM) (Kopitarka, Tresnjica)
    ** Smuki (Smuky, Smuxi)
    ** Sivisoko (Letecimedo, Crnaudovica)
    ** Mladjamk (Deadpunsher, Guslle, Crnagoro)
    ** Smajza (Thaddiuss, Silverkeeper)
    ** Lerdis(Gicko, Lerdi, Diler)
    ** Yrelaa (Papalina, Bilipiton, Lutiena, Zec)

    - Frequently asked questions -

    * Guild name is Serbian Knights, and i am from other country, should i join?

    We are multicultural environment, with many members from all Balkan countries and religions. Everyone is welcome, there are no place for politics, toxic words ect.

    * Is there a place for me in raids, and how to increase my guild status and rank?

    Your place is depends on your skills and your effort to improve yourself. After you join guild, if you are ready, you will get spot very soon. If not in main group, then in second for sure. Keep in mind that our every run is full run, so you will have plenty of chance to show your skills. Your guild status depends of your social activity as well. Be polite, helpful, spend some time hanging with players on raid call, and your status can be upgraded fast.

    * Do i need to have some addons for raids?

    Yes, addons like DBM, Paly Power, Healbot, Grid, Omen are must to have. Class addons are helpful as well.

    * What are the guild rules, what about rolls and items?

    Briefly, we are using DKP system of roll for years, and for more about rules and guild behavior check our FB page Serbian Knights.

    * Do we have site, and why not using Discord?

    Yes we do have site, but atm our FB page is up to date, much easier to maintain, and it is visible to large amount of players. We are using Raid Call for long time and it will stay for now.

    Your home is here
    Edited: August 15, 2018

  2. uh ovo sto sam procitao je prva liga, a samo da pitam sta je sa nubovima koji tek pocinju igru po prvi put i nisu bas upoznati sa endgame sadrzajem, mogu li oni da udju?

  3. Pozdrav, u principu kod nas nije toliko tesko uci, medjutim neophodno je da igrac pokaze zelju da usavrsi svog chara, dovede ga na optimum za odredjeni raid, Primer: Ukoliko imas full gemovan i enchantovan T9 gir (ToC), to je znak da si ulozio minimum truda u svog lika i drugi ce to ceniti, i povesti te recimo u Normal raide. Ukoliko imas T10 (forst amblem gir) mozes traziti spot u Normal ICC 25, a sa pojacanim T10 spreman si za HC raide. Naravno neophodno je i poznavanje klase. Ako si bas nov u ovoj igri ili ekspanziji verovatno bi ti bilo dosadno gledajuci nas, a ne ucestvujuci sa nama, pa ako je to slucaj, predlazem ti da odigras koji rdf ili raid za skupljanje amblema - trijumfa, razvijes profesije, iskraftujes ili kupis sebi poneki deo gira, eventualno odradis BH (Battered Hilt)kvest za oruizije (Mozes ga kupiti na AH), malo usavrsis klasu sa kojom igras i nakon toga se javis nekom od oficira. U svakom trenutku dobrodosao si na Raid Call za bilo kakav Info. Caos!
    Edited: January 30, 2018

  4. e hvala puno na iscrpnom infu, javljam se kad porastem

  5. Update: Devet novih igraca je odradilo LK na Heroik modu. Cestitke svima.
    Edited: February 5, 2018

  6. Novi Bane sa cetiri nova igraca. Cestitke!

    Edited: March 22, 2018

  7. Pozivamo sve igrace koji zele da uzivaju u Ulduar 25 Hard modu, Herald farmu, LoD i RS25 hc progresu da nam se prodruze. Dobro Dosli!

  8. Na kom ste serveru, Lordaeron ili Icecrown?

  9. Icecrown , kao sto se vidi iz naslova :)

  10. May 28, 2018  
    Primate li low level likove, ili likove bez geara, ili imate odredjene kriterijume pri regrutovanju?

  11. Update: Dogovoreno je da se napravi mala pauza u organizovanom raidanju do 1. septembra, a sve usled godisnjih odmora. Zasluzili smo valjda. Sto se tice gilda, on je uvek otvoren za sve dobre igrace koji zele da nam se pridruze. Gild uvek tezi end game progresu (LoD), tako da od novih igraca ocekujemo da budu tako i orijentisani.

    Od 1. septembra krecemo sa kompletnim raid programom.
    Edited: 4 Weeks Ago

  12. Pozdrav, da dodam jos za sve ljiubitelje ach, gild je odradio full Glory ICC i Ulduar HM ach, a nasi igraci su dobili titule i mounte koji su verovatno i najlepsi u igri. Svi igraci sa Balkana su dobro dosli.

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