Alright, here we go again...

This is an Alliance guild in the Lordaeron server with an established plot behind (hence the name), aiming to build progression together, while giving players space to develop their own storylines and even drive the plot at their will.

Here's the backstory:
So Warcraft II, right? These are the times of the Second War, and it is the first time we will ever get to see Human Nations and Alliance races cooperating so closely with each other, just to drive the Orcish threat back from Azeroth. Human champion Anduin Lothar made request of Quel'dorei assistance, and so the Elven House of Scribes was formed: a fellowship leaded by High Elf scribe Milan, set to the task of documenting the events of the war. Well-versed Dwarven explorers and loremasters were welcome as well.
During the campaigns, the House of Scribes would always stay close to the battlefield to witness from first hand the outcomes and casualties of the battles. Soon enough, however, the war was over, and the Alliance emerged victorious. The numerous documents edited by the House of Scribes were treasured in a tome known as "The Annals of the Great Alliance", and although the House was based in Silvermoon city, some of the documents and notes were kept in the royal library of Lordaeron.

Twenty years later, the bounds between the Dwarven nation and Quel'thalas shattered. Former member of the Elven House of Scribes, Ormmir Icehammer, has recently grown concerned ever since Blood Elven departure to the Horde, for the Horde now has access to the Annals, detailing, among other things, the flaws in Human armies. It is Ormmir's objective to gather the most capable heroes of the Alliance in order to recover the Annals before they're used against the Alliance.

Should this sound appealing to you, contact me in-game at "Ormmir" or "Azsune", or drop a few lines in this thread.

Join our discord channel for more info (you don't have to be a guildie, if you're interested in RP, you are more than welcome to join us):