1. (Horde) The Myrmidons

    Hello everyone, Byrnjolf here.
    In this occasion i come to untroduce you all my guild The Myrmidons, by 3 weeks old we have an amount of an around 40 members online every day
    with a gearscore of 5k+ ready to blast the raids and ICC.
    We are currently recruiting and most important role Holy/Proc Paladins and Resto/Tank Druids, We are also in the look for mages and hunters to fill up coregroups roster.

    Details and about the guild:

    As we are an Hybrid guild, we embark roots as PvE and PvP, so we are also looking for PvP players to create premade battlegrounds, and multiple arena teams.

    Guild active hours and raiding schedule times starts everyday at 8&10pm Servertime.

    Inside the guild & atmosphere: By a still growin guild and a nice amount of players online everyday toppin 40members online, the armosphere inside the guild it's very balanced and yet a good place to be, where you can become friendly with other members, joke around, have a good laugh, and more important having fun while playing World of Warcraft.

    Raiding: We have a set calendar schedule for every week embarking raids such as Onyxia10/25 - Trial of the grand crusader(10) - Ruby Sanctum (10N)
    Naxxramas & others. Importanly our Icecrown Citadel raids (10/25) Goes from Thursday to Sundays every week. Which we are currently looking for members to fill the roster and aswell create more coregroups as we like to beat down bosses from ICC10 Hc from Marrowgar to Festergut&Rotface by the moments.

    Guild details: We are not, and i repeat we are not a high-end raiding guild, we are just a community of PvE and PvP players wanting to have fun together and progress together into raids, honor and many other factions of the game such as achievments.

    Every sunday we create events for the guild members so they can win prizes and be part of guild activity.

    If you're interested on joining The Myrmidons, please don't doubt on whispering me or sending me an email inside game to "Nocturni"
    Or whispering any of my officers. (Lazarus / Pikaboo) or you can also visit our website and send up an application there and we'll send you a guild invite after accepting your application in the website which you can access from here. (click the image) ->
    Edited: February 6, 2018

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