1. Forum Layout

    The Forums are undergoing a severe change of layout, already perceptible for the most active members. It is being done to reduce the amount of subforums and make it easy for the eyes when browsing the many areas of the main forum. Thanks for the patience.

  2. Yeah noticed,like addon subforum for Tbc that was added a day ago.

    On side note :P P.s When i am gonna get some kewl subtitle for my forum name:)

  3. We get to keep the drinking games, right?

  4. Offtopic section will stay and the old spam board with its games is part of it.

  5. Please add mobile payment option available for all countries

  6. Been here 6 years, used to be top poster... No fancy title. FeelsBadMan

  7. Been here 6 years, used to be top poster... No fancy title. FeelsBadMan
    Almost the same; I check on here a couple of times so I can laugh at the Neltharion forums.

    How are you? :)

  8. Two no0bs full of infractions.

  9. New forum changes are even worse, duh...

    Just put latest posts and started threads somewhere closer to user. Like if I need to go into my profile every time to see what's going on on my threads or on posts where i commented, that sucks balls.

    Notifications tab should appear more dramatically. Once, I got 5+ infractions and I didn't know, LUL.

    When I am on Forum main page, and I click Settings. It drives me to some stupid settings of my profile... I thought the settings were for forum related things, like -Do you want mature chat filter? (So stupid mongoloid Damirko won't get more infractions?)
    -Forum color theme? (white&blue, black&yellow, green&pink...)

    Also, I can't see whether I saw that post or not. These stupid envelopes do not even look pretty at all. Just copy the work from Reddit or Google...

    I could write more, but I got bored. Poy.

  10. Also. About forum titles. If Kemii or someone else was active but pretty much silly. That person should get title too!
    The title can't be a "Vorum Feteran" or "writer of Guardian on annual vacation" obviously. But you know... If he or she wants to be Kemii the Silly or Mirda2000 the Salty (wearing that in-game too), why you wouldn't give that title.
    It is a very nice "Thank you for your presence and persona" We see you, and we know you. Do you want this title instead?
    People are different. Someone is more serious while someone is less. Someone has a great sense of humor in content of literature, while someone is good at giving the correct information about some problem or news. But at the end, those people contribute to this forum. And they should get some "light show" too.
    I hope you get me. And by the way, everything up there is OK for me, but I don't accept so and you, offensive material and hatred.

  11. Put the server on plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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