Contacting the Warmane Staff

Gamemasters for help with in-game issues and reporting players. (GMs are contacted preferably with in-game tickets)
Forum Moderators for help with forum issues and reporting forum users.
Quality Assurance for reporting exploits or game breaking bugs.
Community Managers handles promotions, events, streams and all there is related to the community itself.


  • Inquiries related to gameplay must be addressed by opening an in-game ticket.
  • Point System is a granted benefit provided "as-is" and is not eligible for support.

Specific Support Channels
General Support (general inquiries, donation issues and ban appeals).
Head Moderator: Questions about Forum Moderators, Forum Rules and changing Forum Name.
Head GM: Questions about Gamemasters, In-Game Rules and Reports.
Account Compromised Recovery: Specific for this issue only (compromised accounts, not accounts that no longer exist). Send an email to [email protected].