1. Need tips how to sell character


    Im trying to sell character over warmane trade system.
    My current char got STS HC + DBV HC + 2Pieces of wrathfull and it sets minimum price to 102 coins
    but those pieces you can buy from store for 91 + 20 for insta 80 = 101 coins
    So why would anyone buy it? any tips how to sell it? Is it possible?

    thanks in advance

  2. character trade on warmane it`s more like a visual perk, the site likes to put it out there , for the people to see they have it, that they care about their players bla bla bla, but in fact the way that was designed is almost impossible to use it and actually sell anything so don`t get your hopes up

  3. Tell that to me,i sold 40 toons overall in course of 2.5 years.
    Then tell me its impossible to sell it.

  4. Tell that to me,i sold 40 toons overall in course of 2.5 years.
    Then tell me its impossible to sell it.
    than share some of your knowledge with us , how to sale it faster

  5. Its overly complicated but in essence,do only things that are known to be bought From market.Get some nice gold,.epic Flying profFs etc. and very good description.

  6. Tell that to me,i sold 40 toons overall in course of 2.5 years.
    Then tell me its impossible to sell it.
    Could you tell how to do it?

  7. Th fastest toon to sell are those with things that are neccesary, but dosn't increase price.
    for example:
    Mage Lv.80, dual talents, 280% flying mount, tailoring + Engineering at 450, 5k gold to buy starting gear. Sell it naked for 30 coins.
    Instant lvl 80 doesn't include thos things, and currnt gold value is lik 1.5k -> 1 coins. getting proffs + flying + starting gold givs lots of value on toon. (that 1.5k gold -> 1 coin is just example, i dont rally know the current value cuz im drunk and tird to check it while writing.).
    Also anothr thing: it's way easier to sell naked toon wth proffs and flying mount+dual talent spec, than som geared toons.

  8. The system is explicitly set up so that you cannot sell characters for less than cumulative coin cost of the iLvl equivalent gear in the shop. If it were otherwise, players could then undermine one of the primary sources of Warmane income by power-gearing characters and undercutting the flat market gear prices.

    As mentioned above, the best thing you can do for your maketplace trade character is to stock it up with things that are not directly purchasable via marketplace shop. Attunements, max professsions, titles, riding/mounts, vanity items, etc.

  9. Generally use your brain and explore what goes best on marketplace,dont overburden character with unneccesary stuff.U will never sell it.

  10. If you sell character will the frost emblems and honor points vanish ? or the new owner can use them ?

  11. Only if you include all inventory as i know.Albeit it might have been changed tho.Best pm someone that knows for sure.

  12. Im trying to sell a dk with 7k achievs. so i can reroll. but nobody needs its cuz its blood tank....its like 321 its much lol.

  13. You need to spam trade like crazy... My friends sold theirs, I never managed with stripping them off, leaving only transmog items on them...

    Players cares a lot for pvp titles so they can spam 2200 in arena etc...

  14. As long as the instant max level feature exists in the store the character trade remains close to worthless.
    It was only on Outland possible to sell characters when instant max level wasn't available.
    Edited: February 15, 2018

  15. Yesterday I sold 2 naked palas...full professions. So yeah , sell naked palas lol

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