1. Simple quality of life change (stacking)

    It's a really minor detail, but making things like Haste Potions and Destruction potions stack to 20 instead of 5 would be greatly appreciated.
    Not "Blizzlike"... but simply correcting something that they did terribly. Currently you basically need bank alts to accomodate any sort of haste potion craft because of the ridiculously low stack number (5)...and on fights like Illidan, you can basically use a stack and a half per fight if you want to, making it extremely hard for classes like hunters (Who have 4 bags only thanks to quiver/ammo pouch), who also need to carry pet food, other consumables etc, to take a lot of haste potions to raids in the first place.

    For example.. Using 16 slot bags, a hunter at best would have 64 empty bag slots (That's NOTHING in bags at all) Now let's add things

    Flying Mount
    Ground Mount
    Blessed Medallion of Karabor
    Full Shadow Resistence gear (5 pieces)

    56 left

    Raid consumables

    3 Healthstones
    2-4 stacks of mage food
    2 stacks of pet food
    2 drums of battle
    1 drums of war
    2 stacks Elixir of Agility
    2 stacks elixir of mageblood/draenic int
    1 stack buff food.
    2 mana oils.
    2 stacks scroll of agility
    2 stacks scroll of strength.
    1 stack Flamecap
    1 stack Elixir of Demonslaying.
    1 Mana Injector
    Extra arrows/ammo because a full quiver isn't enough for a single raid.

    Don't even get me started on the tax of bankspace + extra gear you need as some classes for raids (like tanks, for example needing multiple gearsets), warlocks needing shards etc.

    Please make these stack higher, it'd be a great boost to literally everybody, and wouldn't make a significant change to gameplay.

  2. This would fall under the classification of "Custom Content", which warmane staff have been consistent in saying they are disinclined to implement.

    Resource/Inventory management and optimization is an inherent part of this particular game and expansioin (i.e. it is not just a quality-of-life concern), particularly if you wish to bleeding-edge min/max any given encounter.

  3. Inventory management just doesn't cut it as an excuse really when there is simply not enough space to accomodate what you need. It was a flawed concept that got fixed as soon as it was asked for on retail, it should be done here also.

  4. Retail people dealt with the issue for that expansion and we should too. Just stop being so privileged and learn to deal with the problems yourself. If your car doesn't work take the bus , don't ask the government to buy you a new car!

  5. Buy a bottomless bag from the store.

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