1. PvP Duels

    I play arms warrior on Icecrown. I have a lot of issues 1v1ing paladins and death knights. These classes heal so much its ridiculous. Is it a gear problem or and L2P issue. http://armory.warmane.com/character/...ecrown/summary .This is my warrior and I know that I have gemmed strength but it is cuz i dont have access to all the arp gear i need. I was told that warriors should gem arp only if they are over 30% just with their gear. LF feedback.

  2. These classes heal so much its ridiculous. Is it a gear problem or and L2P issue.
    Is it a L2P issue? A BiS ret will have it a lot easier vs. you, than a ret on your item level. But armory does not tell us L2P issues anyway.
    Disarm is a nice tool to delay DK self heal, but on icecrown it feels like that most warrior do not even know what disarm is. For pala heal, pummel is only one of many abilities to interrupt casts.
    I see many warriors simply focus on offense and rarely use defensive skills/tactic, forcing them to out dps enemy dps and selfheal at once.

    Anyway you can not block all pala/DK selfheal and its very hard to put enough pressure on a bis geared to force them to focus on healing, with your gear.

  3. I disarms DKs always but still they manage to heal a lot. Gear is always a problem so I was thinking of donation for gear as most likely I wont be able to get all the PVE offparts that arms needs for Arp.

  4. I play arms warrior
    Your main issue is right there. Arms is one of the worst dueling specs in this game. You are expected to have problems beating stronger dueling specs like Ret and Unholy unless you significantly outrank/outgear your opponent.

  5. Its crazy I saw a 5.6 blood dk beat a bis arms warrior in a duel. Does prot stand a better chance on 1v1???

  6. arms warrior cant beat unholy dks or blood dk its literally impossible

  7. If u wanna duel as warrior, go full PvE bis prot

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