1. [A] Millenium - progressing PVE guild

    Millenium is a progressing raid guild with friendly and helpful members. We are looking for mature people to fill our icc/rs runs and trying to improve ourselves together!

    Our requirements:
    - a mature behaviour to our guildies and third people since you gonna represent our guild. Producing permanent drama is gonna end up in a guild kick
    . Being able to listen to the raid leader and follow instructions
    - Playing actively on your character
    - no continious slacking while raiding, since this is gonna end up in -DKP
    - Joining Discord while we are raiding
    - 5.8k+ GS, no pvp pieces
    - Having the will to progress through content with us! please dont join and expect LOD next week from us.

    Raid time is 6PM ST. We are using DKPsystem for loot and Discord is a must on guild runs.

    Current progress:
    TOC10 HC: 5/5 (tribute run, 50 attempt left)
    ICC10 NM: 12/12
    ICC10 HC: 11/12
    ICC25 NM: 12/12
    ICC25: HC: 8/12
    RS10 NM: 4/4
    RS25 NM: 4/4

    Raiding schedule:
    Monday: rs25
    Tuesday: ICC25 second run
    Wednesday: ICC10 HC
    Thursday: ICC10 HC second run
    Friday: Ulduar 10/25
    Saturday: ICC10 third run
    Sunday: ICC25HC

    Apply via our website or whisper any of our officers for more informations!


    GM :

    Officers :

    or any other guild member you see around.

    Thank you for reading and we are looking forward to hear your messages!
    Edited: March 27, 2018

  2. We also have a shivtr site so if you feel like answering some questions here is the link: http://millenium1.shivtr.com

  3. love this guild joined whit 4.9k gs now i have 5.6 thats in less then 2/3 weeks

  4. Second run icc10 today. Wanted to form 2 groups for today since we had 21 people online, but we missed 2 geared members to make both runs work.

    Got LK and went 5 bosses on heroic (marrow,gunship,deathbringer,fester and rotface), gj everyone!

    unfortunately most ppl instant heartstoned so we couldnt take a good picture :D

  5. A small update:

    today we had our second full icc25 guild run, killed LK and did marrow, gs, fester and rotface heroic. GJ everyone!

    ICC 10 HC we are @11/12 atm and gonna try to get a few bane trys this week. continuation of the ID is tomorrow.

    not enough people showing up yet for rs25 guild runs.

    We are still recruting!


    apply via website or whisper one of our officers ingame! :)
    Edited: March 22, 2018

  6. were still looking for dedicated raiders to start ICC25HC progression!

    Whisper us ingame for more informations or leave an apply online:

    >>> http://millenium1.shivtr.com <<<

  7. A small update:

    Did our first ICC25HC run yesterday, went 8/12 heroic.

    Today we did our first RS25NM, with a quick toc10hc tribute run afterwards.

    Still recruiting! Hit us up with applies!

  8. " a mature behaviour to our guildies and third people since you gonna represent our guild. Producing permanent drama is gonna end up in a guild kick "

    Clearly demonstrating mature behavior.


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