1. Wanna learn Enchantment shaman,new player in need of help.

    Hey there :D I played WoW way back. Probably around 7 years ago or something and i'd really like some help with Enchantment shaman.
    Just all the possible tips you guys would have for a player who's trying to learn the class and stuff and maybe link some guides or something :D
    I just wanna know what to focus on from the start and in the future :) Would really appriciate your guys help :P Thank you in advance :)

  2. Played Enh back in wotlk retail days. From what I remember just play around with specs that you like. Most Enh will take the same talents but you can always branch out and move a point here or there. Make sure you're hit capped and always use Two slow 1h weapons. Enh rotation is priority based so you always wanna use your higher priority abilities as they come up. For example if Lava lash and Stormstrike are both up you will always want to use Stormstrike first because it has a higher priority. You can sorta pick up which abilities do all of your damage if you check meters often. Totem management is also a good thing to learn. Swapping Searing totem out for Nova or Magma and vice versa during fights with aoe is a prime example of this. Spirit wolves are also your best friend. Dont forget they have a speed boost that can help you out in tough times and provide good healing in times of emergencies. Would also recommend grabbing an addon like TellMeWhen or Power Auras to alert you when you have 5 Maelstrom stacks as its a big chunk of your damage. Just read up on some guides for your stat priorities, glyphs, etc and run some 5 mans. Its not the hardest spec to play but definitely takes some practice. Good luck!

  3. Quick guide to Enhancement for Wotlk


    Stat Priority: Hit cap>Expertise Cap>Haste>AP>Crit

    Spell Priority (Rotation):
    Storm Strike If no Debuff
    Flame Shock If no Debuff
    Refresh Lightning Shield @ 1-3 Stacks
    LB @ 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon
    Maintain Magma Totem
    Lava Lash
    Earth Shock
    Fire Nova

    Use Spirit Wolves accordingly, and if you can, pair them with buffs (i.e hero/lust, Trinket Procs, etc.)

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