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    Whom am I?

    Hello there! I’m Flashsteps (oooo spooky!) you can call me Flash or Steamtears (whom we kidding flash is cooler duh) I play on Warmane Wotlk Icecrown Realm. In real life I’m a Designer / Animator and in the past months I have been creating cool and awesome wallpapers related to world of Warcraft even some promo videos from time to time. This enabled me to develop good skills in creating those wallpapers. Then a day came, and I thought it would be an interesting idea and experiment to offer my skills to you guys! But sadly, such work quality takes time and a lot of effort which does not allow me to give it away for nothing.

    I will share with you some samples of my work and my code of conduct if you are interested to work with me to create an awesome wallpaper for your characters /guilds / significant other / friends exclusively feel free to contact me either in game under the name “Flashsteps”, on my Discord channel https://discord.gg/bW6raHb or on this forum post!

    This might not be for everyone and defiantly not a lot can afford, but I assure you if you are willing to create something awesome to yourself we can work together to make it happen!


    Code of Conduct


    The following rules and conditions are set by Flash / Steamtears for the services that I provide. Any form of breakage for the following rules or trespassing rights, will lead to an instant violation of the working conditions which will either lead for a permanent ban from working with a specific individual or discarding the work progress at once.

    All rules and regulations apply to all individuals or organizations equally with no exceptions. This is a professional working environment, which infer that if the individual or organization is not serious about this service, it is highly recommended not to participate. Yet this does not indicate there will be no room for having fun and enjoy the working process.

    If it arises a situation in which some of the rules and conditions are not clear, any objections or suggestions all your opinions matter, as long it is constructive and concrete concerning the topic is being handled.


    The products I offer are divided into three categories. My products cover content up to Warlords of Dranor with variations in limitations in my ability to access content from each expansion. Prices are set according to Warmane Woltk Icecrown realm market.

    - Tier 1: One personal wallpaper [price range 10,000 gold – 20,000 gold] Tier one represents a one player scene (aside from mobs and NPCs) mostly targeted for single individuals that want to show off their characters in one way or another. The individual Is allowed to make three major adjustment for the art work. Any major adjustments after what is allowed will be added to the cost of the product.

    - Tier 2: One group wallpaper [price range 20,000 gold – 40,000 gold] Tier two is a multiple character scene (aside from mobs and NPCs) mostly Targeted for Guilds, organizations, or individuals. This tier allows for up to 5 major adjustments. Any major adjustments after what is allowed will be added to the cost of the product.

    - Tier 3: One Animation trailer (Highly experimental) [Price range 50,000 gold – 200,000 gold] Tier 3 is highly experimental and new. It allows to create short trailers, intros or preview for characters or guilds. Mostly targeted for high end guilds or organizations. This tier allows five major adjustments. Any major adjustment after what is allowed will be added to the cost off the product.

    Payments vary depending on how heavy the scene is, time being spent and the creative output.

    Products can be provided through different types of aspect ratios.

    - Ultra-wide 21:9 (cinematic) limitations might be applied for resolution due to rendering purposes.
    - Fake Ultra-wide 16:9 (recommended/standard – Fake cinematic) limitations might be applied for resolution due to rendering purposes.
    - Wide 16:9 (standard not recommended) limitations might be applied for resolution due to rendering purposes.
    - Costume aspect ratio is available. limitations might be applied for resolution due to rendering purposes.


    Pipelines ensures the work flow of the working process and protects the client, artwork, and the creator.

    1. Get to know the client: it is very important to know how each person perceive things, their outlook about their characters and their desires. This process helps to create transparency between the vision of the client and the creator.

    2. Payment agreement: is there a budget? Is there a quality range or restrictions? It is very important the client is self-aware of his/her ability to provide the proper resources for the product being created.

    3. Concept: with a lot of communication between the client and creator, a lot of concepts and ideas will be provided until both settle down to how things will conceptually look at the end of the process.

    4. Agreement: it is very important that the client and the creator reach to an agreement on the product that will be produced ensuring both sides are comfortable and satisfied by work being conducted.

    5. Finalizing work process: at the final stages the client will receive a final preview off the artwork will be finally provided either watermarked as a SAMPLE or not rendered on it’s full potential as intended. This ensures the safety of the artwork and the ability for the client to see the final work without having any issues.

    6. Payment: After the final work has been agreed upon the client will provide the payment agreed upon to the creator according to the method is agreed upon between the client and creator.

    7. Submitting work: after the payment has been received, the client will receive the final copy of the artwork that been in the works, with different formats upon request.

    Pipelines can take between one day or week it is very dependent to the tier chosen, content and the client.

    Payments are submitted only in the form of in game gold currency.

    Clients are obliged to submit a deposit of 30% of the initial payment agreed upon (does not include later extra charges), deposits can be refunded in case the client choose to exterminate the workflow at an early stage. In case of violation for rules and conditions clients will not be able to refund their deposits.
    Payments are conducted either by in game mail or in game trade for in game gold payments. Player name “Flashsteps” Warmane Woltk icecrown realm.

    Incase the client exceeds the limits of major adjustments allowed each major adjustment will add to the total final payment by the following:

    - Tier 1: 1,000 gold
    - Tier 2: 2,000 gold
    - Tier 3: 5,000 gold

    Note all payments can be changed as time progress. Make sure to visit occasionally.

    Any forced payment will be rejected and returned, if the action persist the conditions are violated.

    Any attempts to resell the artwork is strictly prohibited and leads to violation of rules and conditions.


    - Rebuilding a whole city.
    - Rebuilding a whole landscape.
    - Be available all the time.
    - My screen is calibrated, if yours is not I can’t fix that for you.
    - Have access to all models and structures.
    - Decipher what is in your mind if it remains in your mind.
    - Your sexual fantasies, that includes adult content or pervert stuff.
    - Favors.
    - Imagine things I never seen.
    - Be superman.
    - Be batman also.


    It is essential for the client and the creator to be able to communicate properly to produce the artwork as smooth and efficient as it can be. Clients will be given an invite to a special Discord channel in which each client will have their own roles with their own text/voice channels exclusive for them no one can bear an eye on those channels but the creator. Every content will be sealed between the client and the creator, when the business is done all text channels that are done from usage will be purged and all mentioned content will be deleted.

    - We expect you to be both a respectable and a respectful person.
    - Any spam will not be tolerated.
    - Having a mic is optional.
    - We won't allow any disrespectful members such as those who insult others over ANY chat channel.
    - Speaking in a language other than English in public or private channels is extremely rude and disrespectful to others, and you shouldn’t do it.


    During the pipeline process I am permitted to water mark any artwork I might present before a full payment is submitted. As before a full payment you do not have the full rights to use the artwork by any manner.

    When the artwork is fully submitted after full payment. The client can share and post the art work under the condition of crediting its creator by either of the following: (discord https://discord.gg/bW6raHb) (forum http://forum.warmane.com/showthread....27#post2905427)

    More over the final art work will contain my name “steamtears” or logo imbedded and blended in a seamless way as a signature for who made the art work.

    These rules and conditions list can be subject for change. Make sure to visit occasionally.
    Clients who are in progress will be informed about any change may arise during the working process.
    Edited: March 13, 2018 Reason: Removing Coin as a payment option

  2. - Your sexual fantasies, that includes adult content or pervert stuff.


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