Hey guys,

Floridian in search of an American guild that raids starting between 23:00ST and 03:00ST. I am experienced with 12/12 ICC25HC, and 4/4 RS25HC.

I currently raid lead for another guild on Wednesdays/Thursdays. The issue is that this guild is rather casual and I have a lot of alts to raid on each week. Searching for a guild to raid with on the other days of the week. End game or progressing (must be 12/12 normal still), doesn't make much a difference to me.

I've been playing my scrublord mage lately and would like to main him. He's only at 5.3k ATM, but I'm capable of 7-8k dps in 10m without kings. Willing to help raid lead if need be, or explain strategies that have worked for my past groups to help further the raids progress.

Post here with a toon name that I can whisper to contact you. You can get more details from me in game.