1. West coast players in Alliance?

    Hello guys,

    My in-game name is Beyle. I'm currently the GM of guild <Mythos> we're a casual raiding guild that normally raids at 22:00 Server Time... However we're expanding into a different time zone with an extra group for ICC during 03:00 AM Server Time. We're looking to fill this group with players that are able to raid at this time with raids being 3 hours long.

    The progression in our guild is ICC10HC 10/12 and ICC25N 12/12 (Marrow, Gunship, Festergut, Rotface, BQL heroic).

    Are there any interested players out there? Currently we're not picky with specific classes or roles as the players we already have ready for this can cover pretty much anything (including myself).

    I look forward to hearing from anybody, I'd rather have experienced players but if you're a responsive person who's willing to learn, feel free to also drop a post here or send a mail to me, I'd like to ask a few questions beforehand.

    Kind Regards,

    Edit: This is for Icecrown, my bad!
    Edited: February 19, 2018

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