1. Man on the inside

    I cant find the NPC to turn the quest, any ideias?

  2. It is bugged as far as I can tell. The NPC is on the other side of the locked door behind you when you port in.

    On my first toon, I only found him because we wiped and somehow when I entered the instance I was on the other side of the door. On the second toon, I went to Shadowfang Keep and queued while standing just outside the door. When I was transferred to the instance, I transported out of the instance and then ran in to find the NPC and got the next part of the quest. Then I just transported back to the instance.

    Hope this is clear

  3. It actually works what I did was queue for the event dungeon after we killed the boss I went to the instance entrance and waited by the door that leads to the court yard the NPC doesn't immediately spawn but will after some time.

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