1. Which spech is better vs casters?

    Which spec is better vs casters? Fire or frost pvp? And why?

  2. May 2, 2018  
    frost is universally better in the season 8 patch (atleast with bis gear as an option).

    if your properly geared, with a good understanding of the class.

    you can easily kill MOST casters.

    the few you 'should' have trouble with would be, shadowpriests (as they can dot you, los and dispell spam). and sometimes ele shams/boomkins (ele cuz of purge and grounding/shear and boom just cuz you can only really DF em. so its harder to reset)

    that being said you can technically kill ANY dmg based caster as a frost mage as you have insanely high burst. it just depends on how well you play, and how much the enemy decides to cheese.

    also, frost can KITE casters, an example of this is that a warlock has to perfectly manage there pet otherwise they'll get cc spamed (winters chill prevents the felhunter dispell from 100% getting your polys or DFs) while the pet gets blown up. (similar strat is used to kill hunters) this works cuz the locks CC range is alot lower then the mages so you have an easier time staying out of range of there fear while still being in range for poly.

    you can actually burst through locks without it, but its just not nearly as safe.

  3. May 9, 2018  
    Fire is better in my opinion, but not many people play fire(frost trumps arena) and those that do have no clue what they are doing.
    You have an aoe knockback(interupt), aoe breath, silence, stun. AND A ****ING IMMUNITY TO S/I.

    If you abuse those at the right time you are a really really big pain in the ***

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