1. New RShammy Looking for tips to do some damage

    So i just dinged lvl 80 and went resto, but the problem is i dont seem to do any damage when i want to go do some quests, and no idont have1k gold for dual spec so any tips on whitch spells and roation to use will be appreciated.

  2. Remember to use your Fire Ele to help you out (you can heal him to keep him up). Don't forget Magma totem for when the Fire ele is on cooldown. You should be able to pull a pack of mobs and comfortably AoE them with the Magma totem + Fire Nova + Chain Lightning.

  3. in addition to what DarkenedHue said, if you're vs a single mob use searing totem. Also buff your weapon with Flametongue thingie, not Earthliving (bonus sp for dmg instead of healing). You do same rotation as ele but you deal less damage. Flame shock, lava burst, chain lightning, lightning bolt etc. I also use Lightning shield when I want to do more damage.

    EDIT: and when fire elemental totem is on cd, you can use Earth elemental to keep aggro on your mobs (u can use it as tank so u dont get pushback on casting spells)

  4. As a new 80 shaman, and while you're gearing up, grab a haste+crit gear, along with your mp5 gear as a priority too, this should sort your damage in addition to what the 2 previous posts above stated.

    One tip: Use a couple of shift/ctrl modifier macros for your lightning bolt and chain lightning spells to save some space on your action bars in addition to your healing spells.

    Cheers and Good luck.
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