1. If you like multiplayer and grinding (like in a WoW like MMO) I suggest Path of Exile or Warframe.

  2. I love basketball, but my guild is stealing all the ranged throws. Maybe that I need a new guild.

    Happy Grind!

  3. Try the VR game. This is an incredibly cool game and a new approach to games. I was very surprised when I saw Half Life Alyx. This is an incredibly well-developed game. I recently learned that virtual reality applications company can help anyone create a VR game. We may soon be able to see a dozen good VR games.
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  4. Dude.

    My wife is a big no gamer type of girl..damn she loves this! It is super fast paced arcade! Soo good! I bought xbox one just to play overcooked2+DLCs. Bought them all. Such a good game.

    Another game i like on Steam is "Kingdoms and Castles" - my go-to time killer game.

    I play Heroes of the Storm a lot too.

  5. Doom Eternal. Very cool game

  6. While everyone is recommending new and cool games, you can also go back in time for a nostalgia trip - get a gameboy emulator (Visualboy Advance) and then there's countless gameboy advance roms you can download and play.

    Notable ones are ofcourse the old generation pokemon games like Pokemon Emerald, Advanced Wars 2, Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls, etc.

  7. Skyrim, one of the est game ever.
    I am waiiitttiinngg for the next elder scroll...

  8. Open a new topic if you will. OP doesn't logged here for almost a year.

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