who cares about bg, especially when you cant get anything useful from honor?
and how exactly do you deserve the shoulders, by playing 3s and if theres a rare chance that someone playing duoq (coz noone playing 3s) you got matched with them and spend your entire day for +5s? or by playing soloq (which u can only do alone, since almost noone plays duoq according to the 30+ mins que times) getting 1350 hardstucks even at 2,3k and playing for +1 -20? xdddd
even 2s is a joke, 1,7k+ u play for +8 -14 or vs old arena tournament 1,8kers who finally achieved fullwf here by grinding thousands of games and sweating vs full rele opponents for +3 abusing combat bug and lag macro, its just pathetic what this server became