1. Am I doing something wrong?

    Hello there, i started playing this game for the first time ever 2-3 days ago. I know the popularity of 3.3.5 version or 3.3.5a or whatever its name is, but i wanted to start from the beginning, so i chose the Burning Crusade Outland realm. I created a new character, a priest. I played a lot of RPG games and always went for warriors or rogues, especially rogues. I wanted to play a different character from what i was used to be playing, and boy i was wong. I don't know what was the worst decision: creating a priest or downloading this game in the first place. Let me start from the beginning and tell you why i'm mad, tilted and upset beyond beliefs right now. Like i was saying, i played a lot of RPGs or MMORPGs, but i never, ever in my life felt so disapointed about an RPG, and i wouldn't, for the love of God, even think or dare to think that i would feel this way playing the most hyped RPG game ever. Why? I'll tell you why.

    First of all, the character moves so slow it takes me 5 minutes to go from Abbey whatever that is, i started as a human to Eastvale Camp or Cairn Lake. 5. You take this quest here, then go at the end of the map, then return, it was so boring i was tilted to oblivion. It's absurd, why do i have to be level 30 or 40 or whatever level it takes to have a damn horse and it costs 30g. I have 20 silver until level 16 (the level my ''lovely'' priest is right now). How in the world i'm i supposed to make that much money to buy my wheels? Travelling on foot miles for quests isn't fun, never was, and i was never the fan of such nonesense. At least give me a level 10-15 temporary mount to use a number of minutes, or with a cooldown, i don't know. Just don't let me reach level 16 in 3 days 'cuz i travel with the speed of a cockroach. Jesus.

    My second disapointment is: in what game, ffs, 3 or 4 level 6, level 5 monsters kill you if you have level 10 or 2 level 9 monsters or level 10 monsters obliterate you if you are 16? What? I can't fight multiple enemies at once? You tell me that the most hyped game ever let you fight 1v1 level 16 vs level 9 and the fight takes 30 seconds? What? And why do i have only 20 silver? Because i needed to upgrade my spells to survive, and an ability with ''gianormous'' damage and speed cast like priest's Smite, which takes 2.5 seconds to cast (a nightmare if you fight 2 enemies, it takes you more like 9-10 seconds, which is absurd considering is my main source of damage) costs damn much to upgrade, like 3 silver, plus my other abilities that need to be upgraded like heals or that poison thingy and so on. Not that i have something to do with my damn 20 silver, because i can't buy a single decent, not good, decent weapon or armor, that is not trash. The NPGs sell only garbage, and the good gear that i get to drop like armors and swords that have way higher damage and defense than my garbage, can't be equiped...I am level 16 and my 3-11 dmg mace does like 7 damage a hit... Yup, sooo fun. I'm having a blast. And the third one, probably the must tilting and disturbing ever: why on Earth i'm i getting f-ing interrupted by enemies when i fight? So my best dmg ability has 3 second cast time, only deals 1/5 enemy hp, and he interrupts me twice during a cast, or he kicks me last millisecond? What? For the n-th time: W H A T ? I have never, ever in my life whitnessed such nonesense in games that i played. And i played Tera, Aion, GW2, DCUO, Blade and Soul, Four Story, Nostale even goddamn Runes of Magic or the hated Metin 2. The last one, which everyone call trash, at least gives you the opportunity to kill 3 level 6 monsters if you are level 5, not get mowed down by 2 or 3 monsters, which are 3-4 levels behind my level, it's absurd.

    Also, the lack of AoE spells is tilting me. How i'm i supposed to level up and do quests easily (easily cuz im low level, not that i want the game to be easy) if i can't even do the Manhunt quest at level 16, because 1 level 10 monster and 2 level 8 monsters destroy me? For me, it's the biggest deception and disapointment i had over a game since No Man's Sky. I didn't even dare to think that i would encounter such nonsense in wow, the most hyped RPG in history. And why i the hell my gear has to be 25% damaged if i resurrect? And omg, i almost forgot this one: why my damage have to be 75% cut down and my defenses also cuz i died in a game with no AoE spells, no combos, damn cast time, interruptions and knockbacks interrupting my spells at level 15? That is straight garbage.

    Please, guys, i am here to learn the ways. Tell me what i'm doing wrong and what i have to do. Also, this thread doesn't have to be removed for the reason '' OMG this noob OMG''. I just want to know your opinion on this and help me get through, i actually like the game and don't feel like deleting it, but my God i can't play 2 more days like i was the last 2 cuz i'll lose my mind. THANK YOU.
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  2. Hello there, KenwyneJones!

    First of all, it's better if you break down your queries in points or paragraphs so that it's easier for people to answer.

    For your troubles, when you're new to wow, it's better to pick a class that is easy to level, not go for one that MAY be fun. Priest is one of the hardest classes to level (Till at least lvl 40) and you being new, makes it even troublesome for you. Classes such as warlocks, Hunters and Druids are fun classes to play and are comparatively very easy to level.

    As for movement, there are classes which get spells to move faster before Lvl 20 (when you get your first mount) such as Shaman, Druids and Hunters. Also, whenever you go to a new area, take all the quests you can and set a route for yourself to follow such that you follow as little distance as possible while completing all the quests before heading back to the quest givers. Another thing you should know is that caster classes such as Priests, warlocks, mages do not use weapons to fight, they only rely on their spells. Weapons for them are a way to boost stats. But yes, you can use "Wands" to damage in early levels, if you have one.

    Whenever your character dies, you are supposed to run your spirit to your body to resurrect (Doing this will cause no stats reductions). Only if you know that you can't reach your body (Bcuz it's in a hard-to-get area) should you talk to the Spirit healer to resurrect.

    Lastly, once you're level 10, you can learn two professions of your choice and earn gold by making/gathering items from those professions. This way, you can easily make enough gold to buy whatever you need. For beginners, it's recommended to pick gathering professions such as Herbalism, Skinning or Mining. At Lvl 15, you can start entering dungeons where you get the best quality items you possibly can for your current level.

    If you have any more questions, you can always ask here. Good luck and welcome to Warmane community!

  3. its hard in the beginning so as to MAKE YOU learn how to play, or give up.

    on your last one, Imagin you are the priest, you are saying the words to cast a spell, and the monster smacks you right in the mouth, do you still think you would say the exact word you needed to say or would it come out wrong and cause a delay of the spell.

    most other MMO's are trying to be wow but making things Way Easier for you.
    If you want an easier version of wow pay 15$ a month and play on retail where it has changed to a WAY easier version with every expansion since wrath.

    one of the reasons people play older versions of wow is because it was a challenge, some of us like to Earn what we get and not take down everything with 1 or to shots.

    hope this didn't sound like I was being a jerk, it wasn't meant to

  4. i think your main problem is that you are playing on a x5 exp realm. this is not the inteded way and not how the game was designed
    you out-level the zones, quest, your gear and money income realy fast and that can be confusiing for a new player

    your best bet is to get a gethering profession like mining or herbalism, farm everything in sight and sell that for a good amout of gold on the ah to high-lvl player. after you amout some cash buy a wand apropriate for your level ( if you want to play the priest) and wand everything down with shield up and sw:p. try to have an "up to date" wand and gathering proffesion and keep selling your materials on the ah

    or like Ozh said, level a pet class or a druid for a better leveling experience while also doing your gathering and ah selling
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  5. TBC is generally considered hardcore compared to WOTLK, and I think you should try WOTLK first.

    Priest is hard. Its Squishy, has few aoe spells and drinks all the time, but wow isn't just priests.

    Travel only when there is nothing else to do.

    Get a wand for gods sake.

    Learn mining.

    Rogue is a hard class too by the way.

  6. Thanks for all the advices guys, i really apreciate that no one jumped on me like crazy, considering that i roasted your game so bad, it's really surprising to me. I've been on other communities and i know how people are, it's the internet, but it's a good surprise for me.

    Also, what i forgot to talk about is the restriction to drink while sitting, and to not regenerate mana and HP while fighting, it doesn't make any sense to me, i think it hardens the levelling and puts the player in really tight spots. But as you said, i guess it's a part of being hardcore, not like the other, newer expansions.

    Again, thank you all, i think i will continue with my priest, and i guess i have to adapt to these conditions. I heard WoW has an epic and vast, giant world, i wanna see it all and get through it.

    PS: I've created a warrior night elf just for the sake of doing it and seeing the starting zone and i realised that i kill things much faster. The whole rage concept is pretty fun, i actually like it. Can you guys tell me if it's a class thing, like all races who go for warrior use that rage system, it's a night elf specific or a combination or something? I found that very interesting and it would be nice to hear if there is more of that, i don't know, rage, maybe energy or something, and not only mana. I like the concept of being able to use your stuff after fighting more, its nice.
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  7. You also regen mana and hp in combat, it's just insignificant.

    It's refreshing after all these years of whining that WoW has become too easy, to see someone who is actually struggling and finding it too hard.

    P.S. Git gud, lol

  8. Hi man. Nice to know that there are new players coming to this game. Hope you'll enjoy here.

    All warriors use the same rage system. Rage regenerates when you deal damage with your autoattack (white damage) and when someone attacks you. (also by some spells, talents and potions). All night elves have a spell that makes them invisible while standing still.

    All rogues use energy. You have 100 energy when at full. It regenerates at rate 10 point per second, i think.

    Well hunters and casters use mana, you already know that.

    And there are druids that use rage in bear form, energy in cat form, mana in all other forms.

    I'm also a warrior player and I love it, because of how the gameplay of this class kind of pushing you to play aggresively.

  9. What's up guys, it's me again. I found out that i need to sell items at the auction house (not at the innkeeper, because until level 25 i only made 2 gold, only from items sold at the vendors like a ret**d), and i'm good now, i got the 31g riding skill and a 9g cheap horse, and i have 90g left.

    I heard one guy about an auction house mod, or add-on, he said that it makes things a lot more easier. Do i get banned if i use some of those? I don't want to get banned, and if i can use, what's the best aux mod for 2.4.3 because i've seen a million versions, and i want a simple one. Thanx again for helping me out guys.

  10. "Auctioneer" is the typical Auction House mod for 2.4.3.

    It is an acceptable mod by Warmane standards (it merely parses the data and presents it in a user-desired fashion).

    Edit: You may find this forum thread useful - http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=378190

  11. What's up guys, it's me again. I found out that i need to sell items at the auction house (not at the innkeeper, because until level 25 i only made 2 gold, only from items sold at the vendors like a ret**d), and i'm good now, i got the 31g riding skill and a 9g cheap horse, and i have 90g left.

    I heard one guy about an auction house mod, or add-on, he said that it makes things a lot more easier. Do i get banned if i use some of those? I don't want to get banned, and if i can use, what's the best aux mod for 2.4.3 because i've seen a million versions, and i want a simple one. Thanx again for helping me out guys.
    As Whiksey said Auctioneer is really nice and not too heavy on the UI. If you really need gold, performing a full scan now on then might inform you on which item to sell at the AH; you might be surprised at the result.

  12. I installed Auctioneer Suite, all those addons, but i'm so confused right now. There are some values or prices displayed on item that i don't understand, like:

    buyout median
    scanned (98), median BO (ea)
    prospect value (AucADV)
    prospect value (HSP)
    prospect value (median)
    prospect value (baseline)
    price level (x%)
    resale valuation
    appraiser valuation

    ...and on other items i've seen those:

    disenchant value (AucAdv)
    disenchant value (baseline)
    vendor valuation
    disenchant valuation

    Can someone explain what each of these means? Thank you.

    Oh, and another thing that i've almost forgot about is the scan option. How often do i need to scan? Every day? Every time after i log in? Does it remains scanned if i log out? And what about the items that are listed at the AH after i scanned, are the values of those items showed like i would have already scanned them, or i need to scan every time i use the AH?
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  13. This info is used to make the most out of the AH, including arbitrage. If you want the simplified system, Auctionator will just tell you the lowest price for each item.

    The data from a full scan remains, but is not up to date until another scan is made to update such data. It's good to make a full scan before going questing: that way, you'll know what to sell to npcs and what to sell to AH before reaching a capital.
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