1. World PVP

    Remove World PVP and add duels versus Horde and Alliance for Honor.We dont need world PVP like it is now only we need duels versus opossite faction.
    Its realy stupid when some high level player kills you on the leveling road.For PVP horde and alliance have battlegrounds and arenas for world PVP we need duels for Honor and you will have the best server :)we need to be friends with the opposite faction not enemyes :)in future you can implement orcs and humans to be in same guild taurents + nights elfs etc and so on.You can make opposite factions to go in same raids or dungeons for the best things :)
    Edited: March 6, 2018

  2. I approve that idea of some duels versus Horde and Alliance (but what do you mean about that in your point of view?)
    But I totally disagree about close the world PvP, that really interest me, even if I get destroyed at level 55 by level 80 (soon enough it will be their turn ;) )

  3. all i wanted to say we dont need war for world pvp we need only duels with honor :)

  4. Hmm idk seems a bad idea, but even if their is no honor, for my part, I know that I will do that world PvP, after all it's not on allserver that you can do some :)

  5. ya no. they're 2 opposing factions. they should be fighting, not being friends. if you want friendly enemies go find a carebear server.

  6. World pvp i awwsumm and must stay :)

  7. I agree to end open world pvp which would make it a pve server, which by warmane's standards isn't going to happen I assume. Since they find pride in keeping only pvp servers. Btw Horde and alliance have worked together before just sayin.

  8. Worst idea ever. If this blizzard had done one of its expansions, I would first blow them up and then kill myself.

    Some things can not be changed. if that happens, it will drastically change the game or completely destroy it.

  9. Dons his RP hat.

    Counterpoint: we DO need open world pvp, and any member of the opposing faction needs to die.

    Regardless of race, creed, color, or age. Regardless of their intent or situation. Regardless of any shred of mercy we may be inclined to feel. The opposing faction...



    Doffs his RP hat.

    Also, you do have options. Go level elsewhere. The world is huge, and consistent ganking only happens in a very few statistically notable regions. If you do get ganked, by random hapenstance, in some desolate cave of the hinterlands where some max fellow happened to be farming some ghost mushrooms, then wait 5 minutes...odds are he or she won't be around very long just waiting to corpse camp you.

  10. Locking this because it falls under custom content and changing the realm type, neither of which we're really interested in.

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