1. 4 common mistakes made in Battlegrounds.Why?

    This is what happens and I find it really stupid.

    1. taking a base (Gilneas,Arathi Basin,Deepwind Gorge...etc) and leaving it before the flag gets color then of course the other faction gets it back,what's the
    point in taking that base?
    2. fighting 5-6 players against 1 or 2 opposite faction lowbies at one base while the other bases are taken by the enemy.
    3. big group fighting too far from base (but in base area)..no one actually guards the flag and the base
    gets taken usually by rogues or druids but sometimes even by classes that do not have stealth ability.
    4. "PVP-ing" in the middle of road with no purpose towards winning the BG.

    Why is this happening?...If someone played Wow for at least 6 months these mistakes defies common sense.
    I'm sure I did not mention them all but at least these are most mind-boggling from my point of view!

    These mistakes are made by groups of geared people who presumably already learned what it takes to win a BG!
    Or maybe not everybody plays to win I guess!

  2. Because of this http://www.wowhead.com/item=102463/fire-watchers-oath A 550 geared person rarely cares about winning the bg and is either an HK or Bloody Coin farmer. That's 90% of the people who don't need honor on both factions.

  3. Well, thats wow bg randoms.
    Don't take my answers as if i agree, but here come the reasons for that imo.

    1. Guarding bases is boring, if you decide to guard a node eventually gonna get raped in a enemy zerg.

    2. People enjoy kill others chars.

    3. No idea why, but this happen more here in my exp than in retail, but the reason is the same, people tunnel and wanna kill stuff.

    4. Could be a lot of things, major reason is the posted above, full geared toons.
    Maybe you're proving new talents or gear.
    People wanna fight certain classes.

    You can even apply point 2 here, 3 players chasing 1 around the field.

    The last point is my favorite, because some classes can mess around with 3 players around the field for considerable time. Extra points if a healer is in the
    chase group.

  4. I will never understand why anyone would willingly subject themselves to a random battleground, it's filled with ragey, toxic derps that don't work as a team, don't play the map objectives, give up at the first sign of hardship and would rather talk trash than contribute anything constructive.

    Personally I do casual pvp and I find that most of my satisfaction comes from outplaying people. pug BGs are rarely fair one way or the other, so I just mess around.

  5. As a 550 destro lock i admit im one of those stupid ppl u mentioned! Cause im not looking for winning bgs! I just wanna farm bloody coins and be top dmg done and HKs! so im sorry for destroying ur conquest cap but i cant change it xD

  6. 550 Rogue and you are right, the issue though is that your dealing with bunch of people who have diifferent goals in BG's, some already mentioned HK's, Top Dps, Top Heals, Ganking "Premade" ect....so there are Individuals who "Win" Bg's by achieving there own personal goals even if the whole team has to suffer for it.

    Best advice i can give you wich helped me is accept it, accept that you will deal with people who dont care, but also always be ready once your in a BG with people who are hungry and want to win, but most important is always play your Best in a Good or Bad team without pointing Fingers on Afkers, Low Dps, Low Healing, None Defending, Fighting in the MIddle ect...be prepared for that 1 bg wich will take alote out of you and your team or even all but that Victory or Win makes you forget all those really really really bad BGs .

  7. This is why low bracks were better, you had to take part or else your team loses, sadly, warmane didn't help our community out or understood what issue we were having, which is still a problem to this day.

  8. Got to love people who complain about something then admit they do it themselves...

  9. No one cares about lower brackets.
    Only those who want a conquest boost do it, therefore getting ridiculously capped before hitting 90. So right off the door you get 550, plus you have conquest catch that is type high for a lowbie.

    BGs haven't been done in sometime now, happens rarely, but arenas are hosted privately.

    My boy just got capped in addition to conquest catch up, he had the one of the best rogues on hos team.

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