1. No Quests in Dungeons

    cant find any quests in all dungeons, anyone can tell me why?

  2. as far as i remember, there are no quests in the dungeons itself in WotLK.
    You can find the dungeon quests during your normal "quest-leveling" process in the zones where the dungeons are located.

  3. vanilla, bc, and wotlk dungeon quests were all developed before blizzard created the RDF. That's why there are no quests for them inside the dungeon. You were meant to be questing around an area and find quests related the nearby dungeon. Some are quest chains that don't even involve the dungeon until you do a bunch of pre-quests. Some dungeon quests were even halfway across the planet. You can always google to look up all the quests that are from a dungeon and where to find them.

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