1. Went Aldor, stuck at neutral/at war.

    Character Honoric on Lordaeron.

    I chose to side with Aldor after going through the City of Light quest. I did not get the followup quest, my reputation is stuck at Neutral - 250/3000, I am at war (cannot tick it off - it's greyed out), I can't talk to NPCs or accept quests on the Aldor Rise. I can't raise my rep up to friendly either with venom sack as it's already at neutral.

    Any ideas on what to do at this point?

  2. Same problem

    I have the same problem and Ticket it cuz i have no idea how to fix , i am on exactly the same situation like you Neutral & cannot tick off the "At War" i dont know how to make them friendly or something cuz i want to level up my jewelcrafting and itīs not possible

    p.s. if some GM /w me i will tell you how to fix it if possible

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