1. Old player new to warmane

    So far with the little bit I've played on the warmane servers, it seems like a really stable well put together server. I'd say top 1% for sure. I'm an easy to get along with type of player always looking for people to group with horde side on the Icecrown server. The only issue I've seen is when playing horde alliance players just camping lowbies a lot. Hellfire being the worst I've seen so far. Even when your friendly toward other faction players there's always one alliance player who thinks its cool to attack someone. I don't think my mindset will ever change on that being kinda douchie. I realize its a pvp server, but there aren't any pve otherwise I would be on one and never have to worry about the kiddies who play alliance. I know bring the salt.

  2. wasup bro, same here. have a good taim and pwn dem' nubs

  3. It's fair game both sides do it. but thanks to the higher xp rate, you have a chance to fly through questing pretty fast. Avoid the grinding quests that have you kill over 10+ mobs, just move fast, get into dungeon lowbie finder. You'll be in the pos/fos grind before you know it. Have fun!

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