1. also, arena points are resetting on Outland? please confirm.

  2. no, they will not reset honor/Arena point on Outland Realm

  3. no, they will not reset honor/Arena point on Outland Realm
    Is this confirmed?

  4. Still ****ing duelist for 2s. what the **** is the point in this forreal, ITS A JOKE TITLE.
    I see what you're trying to do, make 3s more active or w/e but seriously, haven't you learnt? 3s is the most unbalanced **** ever, dominated by lock/ele comps. Please make glad for 2s again, there is seriously no need for this.
    The joke is that there are ANY titles at all for 2s in wotlk.

  5. Season 2v2 Rewards

    Rank 1 to Rank 3
    Duelist title

    Rank 4 to 10
    Challenger title

    Season 3v3 Rewards

    Rank 1
    Vengeful Gladiator title for WoTLK | Ruthless Gladiator title for Cataclysm
    Magic Rooster for each team member

    Rank 2 to Rank 3
    Gladiator title

    Rank 4 to 10
    Rival title

    Is this for real? Top 10 of Icecrown and all you get is Rival?
    Atm the titles are kind of silly, essentially, you have to be amongst the good players with the right good partners to get anything (and even then there's the time factor at season end). There are some stand out teams, but even in the top10 it's not like r5 or even r3 is actually necessarily better than r8 or r10, huge amount is down to what comp you are (in relation to other comps around your rating who play at times you play) and to the time you spend playing at the end of the season.

    There's a HUGE amount of quality players who don't play arena except for boosting friends/guildies, because the only other motivation for them would be to get (or keep) a title. However, this requires huge time investment at a specific (and unknown -at the start of the season-) point in time, furthermore there is no incentive at all for worse players to get better, they generally just faceroll and get 1.95k for head and that's that, because the titles seem totally out of reach to them (even if they could hit top 10 in 3 or 4 seasons if they had some motivation along the way).

    IMO r1 should have the season glad title, the rest of top10 should be glad, and the lesser titles should be distributed all the way down to r100 (and all except season glad should be removed every season obviously) ... that or just keep it pure blizzlike 3.3.5a title distribution

    Ofcourse there will be very vocal opposition to this idea from less than 1% of the server, but however much **** they might post, they're a tiny tiny minority.

  6. Is this confirmed?
    they never have reset honor and AP in TBC

  7. they never have reset honor and AP in TBC
    That's good to know, since I'm planing to save ap for brutal I guess, if it comes anytime soon. =P

  8. yep on all of my 12 characters Im saving up of 5k ... so I hope there will be no reset of points and honors when S4 comes out ... I was sure about S1 to S2, S2 to S3, but Im quite unsure about S3 to S4 ... who knows :)

  9. http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/24...-points-in-s4/

    Taken from arena junkies, you can see that people bought several pieces on first day of s4.

  10. By the way, before the question gets asked, the exact time will be added in as well today or tomorrow.
    About this, is it decided when its ending?

  11. To promote activity in 3v3 just make some hours or days "3v3/5v5 only" for all realms. If people wont be able to queque 2v2, they will start finding teammates for 3v3 and prolly realize whats this bracket rly funny

    Everyone who wanna play 3v3 just stop it, because no teams in q. Especially
    on Lordaeron.

    For example make Sundays "3v3 arena day". Block 2v2 queque and let people play only 3v3. Or make some additional rewards, like honor or gold.. make 3v3 equally valuable as BG for most players or more valuable. Arena on PvE realms like Lordaeron in 3v3 are dead. Make some rewards, which will not affect the balance of HARDCORE PVE, but maybe revitalize 3v3 arena bracket. And its not about titles. We need to force some people play arena instead random BG's, dungeons and low-raids. And rewards or "3v3/5v5 arena days" may work.

  12. Added the time of the season end in the first post.

  13. Added the time of the season end in the first post.
    Is that PM or AM?

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