1. TBC Era Mage returning to the game. What are my chances of getting into a guild?

    Hey all, I played a mage and warrior 10 years ago in the retail version of Burning Crusade. My best progress prior to patch 3.0 was Lady Vashj which I'm pretty damn proud of. I was a respectable mage on Gnomeregan, and even though I know we were overshadowed by Warlocks, I'm wanting to do it again. I'm excited for the reduced mana costs since that was one of our biggest disadvantages late into the game.

    Best Guild Progress:

    6/6 SSC
    3/4 TK
    4/5 Hyjal
    3/9 BT

    I'm just wondering, I know it's a dime a dozen class, how many mages are competing for raid slots these days? Should I maybe go for a prot warrior, or something else in demand?

    I think I'd really like to go the mage route since I still know how stats weigh inside and out, I know there's not much resources out there anymore to help figure things out.
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  2. Honestly, if you can argue for your skill and experience well enough, then you should have no issues. Range dps is so much more in demand than melee dps by any stretch.
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