1. Help me pick a class please!

    So I'm back again and need some advice from you folks who know so much more about WotlK than I do. PLEASE?

    After leveling my DK up to 80 and getting a decent set of "new" 80 blues, I started tanking like I had done in retail on my Pally. After a day of this, I now have no idea why I ever enjoyed tanking. It's like a combination of Groundhog's Day meets the Energizer Bunny commercials - the same thing over and over and over... Crap, I think I just aged myself!

    Anyways, I'm starting over again and need your thoughts from what I've learned so far....

    1. I only want to play a "ranged" class of some sort and I already know it's not a mage (sorry).
    2. I will spend about 70% of my time running BGs with the rest in PvE dungeons or possibly a raid team if someone wants me.
    3. I only want to have to get 1 set of gear (having a DPS and tanking set is a pain).
    4. I'll spend most of my time in BG's and in the normal world solo as I'm pretty anti-social. Still, if I'm with my guild mates, it would be nice to bring something to the table to help them.

    With that in mind, I spent about 10 hours yesterday in Warmane's WotlK PvP server testing different classes and builds while watching others and listening to their advice. From all that time, I have narrowed down my choice to:

    A: Priest (Shadow or maybe Disc)
    B: Hunter (Not sure about MM or Survival yet)

    The problem I've had in the past was I really enjoyed the Hunter class in TBC and Vanilla but I always felt like I was just food to Rogues and Warriors who were not complete noobs. It got really frustrating at times because in my mind, I still think that any class should be able to defeat another if played well. Perhaps that's just not the case and some classes simply have a hard counter. That could be why Unholy DK's are so FREAKING impossible to kill... As for the Priest, I never really have given it much thought until I ran into a few and just got destroyed. Part of what I like about them is that they bring so much utility to the fight as well. I played a Spriest last night for about 3 hours and really started to enjoy all it had to offer. I'm still not sure how to kill a Rogue or a decent Warrior with one though.

    Anyways, those are the two choices I'm thinking about and would like to know what you all think as well. Please help me pick my class!

    PS: Oh, and for those that say "pick what you find fun to play," well, they are both fun so that's not going to help :p

    Thanks again!

    Edited: April 3, 2018

  2. I’m not an expert for either, but Shadow priest feels way more complete and will work in more situations comparing to hunter. I’d roll human shadow with some donut trinks to spice it up.

    As far as DK’s - you’ll have better chance as Hunter, but I’m not too optimistic there either.

  3. I don't play either of those classes but I'd pick a priest out of the two for one simple reason - a tiny piece of my soul dies everytime I waste some consumable unnecessarily in game (like I never use potions in MMORPGs because you know... I might have a better opportunity later). Seeing how all those arrows and meats for pet vanish from my inventory every time I play a hunter would be a pain for my eyes. xD

    I think there is a bigger lack of priests in the server as well as it's more versatile with 2 specs instead of one. If you won't enjoy dpsing you can try healing any time you want - you don't have this option with a hunter.

  4. I think you should try out priest based on everything you've said.

  5. Thanks for the reply everyone! I actually went with the Priest and really enjoy it! I actually picked up the dual spec and picked a normal shadow version and this hybrid disc below. It's really strange but in my first dual against a rogue, I actually won. Funny thing was he was started talking trash about healers due to the loss. lol!


  6. Yeah priest is probably your best bet. Not gonna lie Mages are fun tho. But rogues are a real pain for any class, always running away and sapping gets really annoying....

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