1. Cross-faction bgs is the one thing that might actually help Nelth

    And it's something they might actually spend the dev time on doing. A bunch of severs have done it, so it must not be that hard.

    It's the standard private server strat for dealing with low population servers.

    And I have no idea why they haven't done it. Implement this change and allow 6v6 10 man bgs to pop and suddenly Nelth seems a lot more alive.

    Enough of these pie-in-the-sky dreams about a server wipe or a huge dev push to fix bugs. Those aren't gonna happen. This is doable, and it's what we should be asking for.

  2. This is good, taking in consideration horde population. +1

  3. It will never happen. The only thing that came close to cross faction only took place on Frostwolf, the guys known as Clown Squad manage to do this several times, even in arena, but they had since disbanded and moved on to retail/ some to other p servers, and the other situation was when we had a bg issue, cross faction was literally a thing for the first 48 hours before it got fixed, it was fun while it lasted but with or without it, it will not do much.

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