1. What do I do next?

    Hi all,

    I'm just wondering what I do next. I got banned a couple weeks ago for botting which I did not do. When I appealed I told them the times I was online and who I was playing with in game as well as other things to prove I wasn't botting. When I asked how I could be botting when I was at work i got no response.

    My issue is simple: If this was a system auto generated ban shouldn't a GM take a look into. Instead of just instanly saying im guilty with no real effort to look into the situation. They can see all my playing records I am sure. They can see every playing area, instance, and BG I've been in. If they simply looked they would know I wasn't botting. But the GM simply didn't bother to investigate. Now I have to wait 30 days.

    I am simply frustrated and am looking for options. I haven't played since the ban. I am not gonna bother making another account if it'll just get banned randomly after putting time into it. All i can hope for is to reappeal in 30 days and hope I get a better more diligent GM.

    Any advice from someone?
    What should I do now?

    EDIT: How do i get more information on why they banned me. The GM response just says This account was using botting programs on this server. They closed ticket before I can ask for more details as I was not using any programs with WoW aside form addons in game like recount and healbot. Also non of my characters even have any maxed professions to farm for...
    Edited: April 8, 2018

  2. > Also non of my characters even have any maxed professions to farm for...

    You could still be farming mats even if your professions aren't max-level? I don't see how that is an argument for anything.

    Either way. If you weren't botting you have my sympathies.

    I think a reasonable and fair thing to do is when someone is banned they also get a report on what basis the ban was applied, so for example they could tell you exactly what program they detected that resulted in a ban or something like that.

  3. I'm curious as to what this has to do with America...

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