1. Old Theory Vet, now on Warmane. Looking for a Home.

    Hello there. I have been on Warmane a bit to test its stability, tried some others, and am now back here. I am looking for a guild to make my home here. I made my own guild to keep random invites away, but that is a temporary thing if necessary.

    I have played both factions, I played on retail from TBC through Pandaria (left a bit into Warlords). I raided consistently with my guild there most of this time, on the Doomhammer server. I have toons on both the WotLK server Icecrown (open to Lordaeron), and the Pandaria server Frostwolf, of varying levels. I play any, likely all, classes; I like to have variety in my play, though I am fine with focusing on one at a time.

    My retail raiding experience stems from all of TBC through Pandaria with only a few holes from breaks I took, or that my guild had trouble with at the time. Most of my experience is from a healer perspective, with some tanking and DPS'ing on the sides. My main was a Resto Shaman, though as mentioned before I ended up playing everything at some point. What else to do on the non-raid days, eh? Of note, my guild typically ran 10man, with only occasional 25man. Not opposed to either raid size, just have a lot more experience with 10s than 25s. I have had all professions capped in the expansions I played, even dived into RP for a while.

    So now, I am older, and looking to relive some of the old love. Looking around on Icecrown, Lordaeron, and Frostwolf mainly, I see that there are guilds out there doing these things. What I want is a guild with a mature atmosphere, who understands that **** happens, and whom raids. I am open to PvP as well (after all, I wouldn't really be able to play on Warmane's servers if I weren't), though I tend to prefer PvE as it is far less stressful for me. Been PuG'ing around in the dungeon finder on my various toons, and am pleased with the server stability enough to stay.

    If I can now find a good guild home, that will settle me in. Horde, Alliance, class, race, WotLK, Pandaria, wherever.. Just looking for a direction to focus upon. I will never delete Zakalakadaka de Troll Shaman (if only for nostalgia), but any other character slot is up for grabs.

    If you made it all the way here, cheers!

  2. How rude of us.

    Welcome and I hope you’re liking it so far. Since your main focus is PvE, I’ll be straightforward.

    1. Icecrown
    2. Tank
    3. You donated? Yes, Dwarf Blood DK tank. No? Dwarf Protection paladin.
    4. Check Recruitment section, plenty of laid back progression guilds.

    Main reason I’m suggesting tanks is that Icecrown is lacking tanks. This way you’ll be in RDF farm constantly and probably be 5.5 in two-three weeks and start with ICC/RS/ToC.
    Another option would be healar - any kind.
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  3. Ahaha, Thank you for taking the time, Nib.
    I have toons on both Icecrown and Frostwolf (Pandaria is still beautiful). My Icecrown highest is currently 73. I started Horde because that is what I always played, though I do have a secondary account for Alliance toons. My alt-itis filled my first account for one of each class.
    I have not yet donated, due to mostly just money issues, though I do plan to do at least a bit soon. Chip in that bit every month or two. I mean, I did it for retail for 8 years!
    Why specifically Dwarf? Is it just the racials? Is stoneform that good?
    I actually already have a Draenei Paladin. Because Draenei are pretty. If the class can tank, I tend to tank. If the class can heal, I tend to heal.
    Can't get an Alliance DK yet, need to get something else up first, heh!
    My Horde Warrior is Apneumonix, and having tanked on him up through level 73, and healed on Zaka through 68 for other tanks .. I feel like Appy is an absolute *brick* of a tank by comparison. I would certainly be able to do the same on Alliance side.

    My biggest problem is the alt-itis, it causes a lack of focused direction. Hence, why I was asking/looking for it. It seems though, that tank is definitively the way to go, based on the queues so far. I know eventually I will make them all. Maybe start with the Paladin though..

  4. I get alt-itis as I like gearing process a lot too. I believe that best tanks on the ally side are Dwarves, yes for the Stoneform and you could technically use that Frost resist in ICC quite well(being nitpicky here, but that’s what can decide the encounter). I guess Draenei’s work, since it’s PvE.
    Never had a warr, but tanking as them always seemed fun, until end-game encounters where it would be better for them to be OT’s.

    I’m pretty much the same - I like responsibility and being useful.

    Good luck!

  5. May 2, 2018  
    Approaching 80 on Zaka de Troll Shaman, and Appy my Tauren Warrior. Ally character is on the rise yet. Did manage to get a donation in, probably going to blast an heirloom or two on there.
    I am reminding myself of just how fast leveling can be if focused upon, Zaka went from 51 to 68 in a day, and then to 77 in one more day, without all that much focus and a lot of exploring for map completion included. Gotta love them rates!

    Now to look around for a place to be.. and to look around at the class forums for guides as this version I remember well but will be looking for specifics. ^.^

  6. May 3, 2018  
    Oh yeah, I think you can make it 0-80 in 11hrs off gameplay with slight help from geared friend and if you know which quests to pick.

    Unfortunately, I’m no expert in warrior or shaman to give you really detailed directions and I’ve deleted WotLk client few days ago since it started to get in my blood too much, but general guidelines would be:

    1. Get professions running and farm mats.
    2. Use gold from that to buy BoE (plenty of them on AH, both crafted and ICC BoE drop)
    3. Buy BH for weapon
    4. Farm ICC for rep ring
    5. I suggest doing BG’s for wrath offset as it’s going to make you RDF ready quicker.

    There are couple progression guilds - check recruitment.
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  7. May 4, 2018  
    If you donated a small amount, I'd use it on gold. You can get lots of epic BoEs to quickly gear for heroic dungeons and raids.

  8. May 5, 2018  
    Mm, already on the way to farming the L80 items from the professions I have. Appy's going from Cobalt to Saronite to Titansteel and it feels great.

    I honestly do not want to spend Coins on gold, though, it feels like such a waste when gold is so easy to get. All of my characters have been getting all Riding upgrades when available and I have yet to get behind on skill upgrades on any character. Hell, Appy's got thousands banked towards the "Luxury" flying upgrade.
    I do not mind running the dungeons for gear as that is kind of why I am here anyway. I love the group activities, and really just need to either get in on a guild or recruit for mine since I am starting to see more of the Need-Ninjas now that I am in Northrend.

    Also Nibs person what happen? D: .. If you can even respond now, it says banned, but I am not sure if that means in-game or on here..

  9. June 4, 2018  

    Also Nibs person what happen? D: .. If you can even respond now, it says banned, but I am not sure if that means in-game or on here..
    Bud, I'm back. I asked our beautiful admin to give me a break.

    Hope all going well for you :)

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