1. [TBC] Season 3 / 2K+ Rogue Mage

    Hi there !

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    ► Contents : 60 FPS | Rec : From March20th to April 4th
    TBC 2.4.3 Arenas 2v2 RM / 2k+ (crit rating 2070)
    Partner : Xeola (Frostmage), Russian
    Server : www.warmane.com


    Finally some release!
    Thanks to Xeola for being so chillfull ;D
    Thanks to ingame Warmane Communityfor being so supportive in PMs

    This video was done as a memorie of the fun collaboration that we got with Xeola!
    I tried some stuff in the editing, we both chose the tracklist, I hope you 'll enjoy it!
    See you
    Edited: April 24, 2018

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