1. Tanks

    Thinking about making a tank but I'm new here so I'm not sure what the current state of tanks is in relation to working abilities and or bugged ones good or bad.

    Anyone able to summarize?

  2. tanks are like follows :
    guardian dudu >> blood DK >prot warrior >monk = Prot paladin
    these days depending on gear / skills
    now for pvp just go with the dudu don't waste your time its just OP.

  3. o.O how did they break paladins? Thought they were supposed to be one of the strongest this patch along with warriors. :3 Welp tis how private go with bugs and all that.

  4. Prot warr is the weakest here cause of bugs!
    Druid > dk > monk > pala > warr

  5. Tanks which rely heavily on vengence don't work properly since vengeance is bugged as in either the decay rate is too high or perhaps even its having more diminishing returns than it should at some point. Nevertheless, it's utterly impossible to reach the ammount of vengence that you would normally get on retail here. - take for ex IJ 10 ... saw a tank getting 900k vengeance ... here you barely get over 100-150k .

    other than that , success with whichever tank you choose , depends solely on you and your understanding of the said spec AND raid boss mechanics since most of other essential abilities work fine.

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