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    Is RP still alive?

    Hello! I haven't played in years and browsing this forum section it looks like the last active post was over a month ago...Do people still RP on here? And if so, what server(s)/faction(s)?

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    Like I said in the thread just below this one, I want to create a dedicated and serious RP guild complete with storyline, but for that I need players willing to RP.
    On Icecrown is the best choice, it seems. Average rates and high population makes it easier because statistically, most people have their mains on Icecrown.
    Anyway do add me if you're interested, Saikk, on the alliance side (nelf druid)

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    There are in fact (and there have been) way more active roleplayers in Lordaeron. The reasoning behind this might be because most roleplayers are looking to casually RP while leveling, on the other hand, most people on Icecrown are there just for the end-game content and thus most of them are committed to a raiding guild already. I actually tried inviting you LaLuzExtinguido to our roleplaying community where, like I stated, there are a few of us who take roleplay very seriously (not as in something we casually do while leveling, but something we focus on), but you didn't even reply. That's not a polite move, specially if you're aiming to form a community.

    In any case, OP, we have this small, somewhat active community over Lordaeron we are currently trying to push foward. We have had some events in the recent days, but we still need committed roleplayers to leave the "casual" zone where we are currently stucked. We will gladly accept any person interested in roleplaying, it doesn't really matters to us if you're an experienced roleplayer or totally new even to Warcraft lore, we only need people willing to roleplay, and nothing else. Should this pick up your interest, come have a chat with us, we are all very welcoming:

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    Truth be told I didn't even know what to reply, so I left it at that. I don't have a presence on Lordaeron but I can move there if that's where most roleplayers are.
    I'll join the discord anyway what side are you guys on? I'm particularly fond of the Alliance :)

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